Dream pal

I’m not sure where to post this so it just ends up here. :smile:

My name is Joakim, I’m from Sweden and I’m 16 years old.
Since last summer I’ve been recording my dreams and trying to become lucid. While I have been lucid a few times it’s quite boring just to do this thing by yourself. I’ve tried to bring my friends into this awesome world of dreaming but somehow they’re not that interested.

So now I’m trying to find a “dream pal” to have conversations with on MSN or skype or whatever to talk about dreams, discuss different techniques or just talk about anything.
Preferably I would like my “dream pal/pals” to be quite experienced lucid dreamers but it doesn’t really matter. (If you are new to lucid dreaming i might be able to teach you a thing or two.)

So if you want to contact me post a response to this thread or add me on:
Skype - haccajokk3
MSN - 100.yards@live.se

Thank you for taking yourself the time to read this :grin:

Why not have dream pals right here on the forums? We are mostly all very friendly, and would love to have conversations with you.

Yeah the forum would be a great place to meet plenty of dream pals. Plus, you wouldn’t have to be online at the same time as all your friends. You’d be able to have a more fluid schedule using LD4all than if you tried to use Skype or MSN, but if you really want to use MSN, let us know in your next reply. I’ll add you then.

There is also an IRC chatroom you can join using This link its a good place to meet people and talk about anything, especially LDs. Obviously though all the people there have an interest in dreaming. There are also people from all over the world, so often there is somebody around when you visit, even if its in the middle of a wbtb. :tongue: It’s always nice to open chat and have it open in the background, checking periodically. It’s instant when people message you, or the channel, but people often do other things too and it may be 10-20 minutes before they check and reply.

The chatroom would’ve been great but somehow I can’t update java :grrr:

Having conversations on the forum is alright I guess because you can meet with more people at the same time. I just thought talking on MSN or skype would be more personal but the forum works too. :smile:

also is there a way to find all your post and see if someone has replied instead of searching for your posts?

You can get to the chatroom using mibbit (doesn’t need java)

Thanks alot! :happy:

Here you go JustSolveIt. It’s a search link set to search for an author.

JustSolveIt’s Posts link

I have a similar one favorited as ‘My Entries’. You could also click on the little “Posts: X” hyperlink under you avatar in a post. Currently, you post above says “Posts: 5”

There is a watch this topic for replies button (called Topic Reply Notification, aka TRN :content: ) at bottom and top of each topic page.

Also welcome to forum, there are lot of “lucid pals” here :grin: you can also consider to use an IRC client if you feel for it :tongue:

Plus Im from Sweden too :razz: