Dream paralysis/help?

I’ve had a dream like this more than once now, and they worry me. I’m not sure how to classify them, so anyone else who has experienced this, I’ll be happy for your thoughts on what this is or how best to get out of it.

What happens in each case is that the circumstances in the dream lead to an explanation from someone that there is a mental place I will be going to very shortly. I struggle to wake myself up in a panic, and generally don’t want to try going back to sleep. Each time, while I didn’t say to myself that I was dreaming, I was aware that I could wake up if I wanted to, and was able to do so.

The second time, today, a friend of mine told me about a dangerous plane (either mental or astral) that could be reached by reading a certain inscription. Everything was fine until she mentioned that the words to this inscription were part of a popular children’s program. I thought of the words and then felt the same sensations that I do when I’m nearing LD. I felt paralyzed and as if something were dragging me downward. I figured that I wouldn’t wake up if I went to this place, so I tried my hardest to wake up.

The first time I was talking with a deity whom I used to believe in, and she requested I go help her with a fight in some other realm. I didn’t want to, partly because I figured that if anything happened to me there I wouldn’t wake up, and partly because I didn’t think she was trustworthy. At this point I felt the same feelings I get when I’m near to falling asleep into an LD. I couldn’t move and everything became quiet. I can’t quite remember how I woke myself up, but I’m pretty sure I did it by trying to talk so I could hear myself. I also kept insisting to myself that I didn’t want to do this, and willed myself awake.

Hmmm… can’t say I heard anything quite like this before, but I wouldn’t worry, for several reasons:

  • You seem more than able to take care of yourself: if it feels wrong, don’t do it, just wake up.
  • Many OBE experts say the worst can happen to you if your astral/mental body is damaged is a minor headache when you wake up. If you believe in the planar cosmology, I’d say our focus is on the physical plane - nothing can kill us or prevent us from waking up except here on the material world.
  • If you don’t really believe in the planar cosmology, then there’s nothing to worry - it’s all in your mind, and nothing can possibly harm you, except for becoming afraid, etc. but this goes away with waking up.
  • Nobody ever wrote about experiences like that (becoming trapped in a dream, or being hurt), and I’ve read a lot. The only single case was in a book I don’t really take seriously (much evidence it’s all fake) and even here you had to voice your intention of living forever in the place, and it had to come from your heart (no one could make you say it if you didn’t want to).

There are probably several more reasons, but I guess I made my point.