Dream paralysis

I have had Lucid dreams my entire life, and always enjoyed them. However, I have also suffered from dream paralysis, a less pleasant feeling. This paralysis is always connected with full vision of the room around in the beginning, starting to fade out as I hear non-real noices. Another, even more unpleasant version involves not being able to breath, although if I immediately wake up I am not exhausted and cannot feel any chest pain.
I have tried to relax and breath regularly by counting, I can, however, not overcome the resulting anxiety. This, in its turn will also affect the possible dream, where I most probably will be lucid, transforming it into a nightmare. Could someone please illuminate me on this subject, or share a personal experience. I believe that finding a rationale for this paralysis, and possible disorder resulting in it could help me to relax and enjoy lucidity in a new way.

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you go into this paralysis so you wont walk around when your dreaming, when you seepwalk this paralysis fails. it happens every night for everyone. it is during this “phase” one get out of bodey (for wich i have no explination for what it is : )
you will just have to learn to “go with the flow” wich these paralysis. and if i were you i would read up on out of bodey experience (OBE), it seems that you are very close to it. dont be afraid, its all natural

Thank you for your advice mindexplorer. Currently I am checking up on information on OBE as a state. I will return to this topic when I have another paralysis. BTW the feeling of not breathing, for all of you who wonder, is caused by a chemical compound (GABA?) responsible for, eg. loss of sensation in lungs, as the nerv system takes over breathing at some point during sleep. Knowledge of this state causes anxiety, and as many of us should know, you cannot suffocate yourself without outside help or smothering.

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I hope this thread will be to use for all of you, for curiosity or easing anxiety.

joccis, there is nothing to fear from SP. It is a completely natural phenomenon and completely safe. Many people actually enjoy it - and especially what comes right after (the LD :smile: .) My advice would be to try to experience it without fear - because there really is nothing to fear. Eventually, you will find the sensation to be interesting, and maybe, eventually, you’ll enjoy it too. :wink:

I heard a lot about sleep paralysis,especailly the ones where a black figures coming towards you.I always slept towards the wall until I realized I might have a better chance of gaining lucidity if I slept on my back.I also realized that I could use sleep paralysis to help me have OBEs or lucid dreams.I haven’t been able to yet. :sad:

REM means rapid eye movement (eyes muscles are the only one you can control). When you are asleep, some kind of hormon is excreeted so your spinal neurons inhibited all of movements you could do in your sleep. Somewhen, it just happens that your mind wakes up, but your body is still sleeping… You can try and open your eyes and soon enough you will wake up. But, in my case, if I do that, I will be sleepy all day long. You just have to endure that terrific experience, and after some time you’ll see that it’s not such a big deal.
Also, I am diagnosed with narcolepsy. Sleep paralisys is just one of the simtoms. Main one is that REM phase preecedes phase 1,2,3 and 4 of non-REM sleep. But, it is not anything serious. i don’t take any medications, and I am perfectly OK. maybe…
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