dream police / astral police?

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hello everyone :happy:

When i was in my teens and just learning what lucid dreaming was, i pretty much abused it anyway i liked or wished.
i have encountered what i believe are known to some as dream police or astral police, my first encounter was my most profound,
mostly because of the realization that i had.
i knew i was dreaming and i was in a large city completely crazy! throwing all sorts of elements at whoever and whatever got in my way.
i soon bored of this a little, and walked into what looked like a restaurant, and summoned up a lot of wind, the restaurant was now in chaos as you can imagine.
i suddenly got a super strong impulse, to turn around for some reason.
as i turned around i saw a lady in a white dress, looking at me with rage, right in the eye.
unawares to me, she had a knife in her hand, as she tried to stab me, i grabbed her wrist and had my first view of the knife, this greatly angered me, you have no idea, someone tried to stab me! :eek:
so while holding her wrist, using my free hand, i slam her into the wall behide her, and laughed as she slid down the wall. :tongue:
again, i felt the same impulse to turn around, as i turn around.
i see three maybe four people standing in the door i just came through, i couldn’t see them clearly because of possibly the sun that shined behide them, or was it there light i have no clue.
upon awakening i had a huge realization, the realization i received, was that i was just targeted, what the hell? i cant even be free in dreams or the astral? this isn’t right!
so since then, i been obsessed with them, trying to find any and all information about this so called dream police or whatever there called.
I’m no way near the level of evilness i was then, but maybe a little still
thats what i used lucid dreaming for in the first place to use it to vent, the dream police can kiss my butt.
i had more encounters with possible dream police as the years went on, but it soon died away, good, they finally learnt there lesson, don’t mess with me.

if at all, you have a experience like mine and would like to share it with the world, please do.

what i got from these experiences
greater confidence in my self and my abilities.
they probably had no idea that messing with me, actually made me a lot stronger!
but the question is, was this just a dream were the dc’s had enough? or did i glimpse a whole new side to the realms of lucid dreaming, that is the question.
thanks guys.

Perhaps the police were manifestations of your subconscious guilt of all the stuff you did while lucid? I can’t think of any other reason why the DCs would turn on you, as after all they’re a creation of your mind only!

In other words, JSF is saying that all you have to do to not have them invade your (semi)consciousness is…

  1. Don’t think about them, and
  2. ENJOY the killing! Don’t feel even slightly guilty! muhuhahaha

I don’t think that there are actual dream police. You said you could sense when they would attack right? That makes it seem to me that they were just products of your mind. I think if there were actual dream police, they would work on the whole dreamers being omnipotent thing before attacking.

Sounds like your super ego got fed up with your id leading you astray. We understand that the id is the little devil on your shoulder, and the super ego is the angel. Even if you may not have felt guilty, the super ego might have popped these fighters in there just because you know what you were doing was wrong.
Or, it could be it was just to make things more interesting. Either theory is believable.

The dream police are apparitions created by your conscience feelings such as guilt, feeling trapped, controlling urges, etc. You have to face them and engage, fight, kill, destroy them head on without any remorse or guilt otherwise they are the ones in control and your dreams will continue to end earlier than you’d like.

astral - commonly defined as a world with other SENTIENT BEINGS

you cannot “be free” in the astral meaning, you cannot take other people’s freedom away, of course there would be dream police

for he who lives by the sword dies by it

now you wanted a simulated reality where you could muck around without any consequences, blowing things up and having a video game like encounter, however supposing that this was astral, then, no you cannot be free to do that because it would only warp you into lower astral hell realms where people are constantly fighting each other in battles, hence, your dream police

now lets say this is just a dream, then you had some sort of subconscious tangent going in your mind which created the lady and the dream police because part of you expected that you wouldn’t be allowed to do what you wanted to do, you see?

incidentally wanton violence is the very enemy of Holy Womanhood, so it makes since she was wearing white, and came to put an end to your hijinks lol!

What Eyelids said is entirely right. Personally, if you don’t believe in astral projection and such, this shouldn’t be an issue. I would suggest stop obsessing over them and continue your work with lucid dreaming as you please. Don’t be superstitious- forget them all together. If you do believe you’re doing astral projection while lucid dreaming, then don’t do such horrible things. Search and ask people about the police during your sessions, although that might just stimulate the police to wake you or bother you again.

Maybe you created them as violent as you.

just noting, freud would love this if he saw it.

more or less Freud is seeing it, the mind patterns and everything, somewhere, and he’s going “aha”

what is so interesting is he made a language to talk to the subconscious, whether we like it or not, or agree with it, because he made it, he used it and it worked!