Dream Powers, dream abilities

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Hello everyone its acillis Here :woo:
the reason i come here today is to finally ask others a question that has bugged me for years…
dream powers, such as casting a fire ball at someone who gives ya the chills…
does it cost energy???
i feel flying is a strain on my will… because flight in my lds are controlled by my will…
can you guys continually use lightling bolts??? i had a lucid dream my father was in it… i cast about 5 or 6 lightling bolts at em, but for some reason i couldn’t throw anymore :cry: :cry:
so any tips on how to use dream powers without the effect of feeling they use energy would be much appreciated… but the question remains do they use energy? :eek: :eek:
part one///////////

now guys list your best dreaming skill or dream power, or magical ability or what not here: i want to be the greatest warrior known to man :eek: so i need to study up :grrr:

Hi acillis,

I have never experienced losing energy in a LD, only when I am about to wake up and everything fades back to reality.

You can throw as many lightening bolts as you want. If however you have a fear that you will lose your energy that might come out in your dreams, causing you to have problems manifesting your lightning bolts.

What you might want to try is this. Before sleeping at night think postive thoughts and say to yourself that when you dream you will have all the energy you need and will never feel drained. Say this and write is down 10 times on a piece of paper. Also picture yourself completely shooting lightning bolts (“See” it, “Feel” the tingle of electricity and “Feel” the heat from your hands). It might help also picturing yourself as Dragon Ball Z or Storm from the X Men.

Hope this helps. Good Luck! :smile:

Just drink a mana potion!

Yeah, just like in these fantasy games. You run out of energy, sip down the blue liquid and let’s go!
It would be around the same thing as taking a “lucid pill” inside a lucid dream. You expect that it works, and you don’t need to imagine anything. So it will work :smile:

If that takes to much time, just employ another “spell” that will refresh your energy. If your willpower, your ability to expect, isn’t high enough, just find a workaround, find something that will make you expect

:razz: hope it helps