Dream projection group. 8D

Hi everybody.

Back after being gone a year or more.
I just had to visit a few people just to make sure I understood everything better.

I am considering putting together a type of dream projection group… I use the term dream projection for there are multiple kinds.

The purpose of the group is mainly to enhance and help each other manifest what we need. Ultimately if you have some psychic ability it will also help. But if not that is fine too. Everyone can help somehow. Main focus will be on maintaining the energy to stay lucid for short periods of time to help manifest a certain goal. We may split into groups of two or three. But the more in a group the better, working on the subtleties of collective unconsciousness. Plus helping others to retain/gain back their latent psychic ability.

This sound good to anybody?


(no im not gone yet)

I’ll join, though I’m not sure if I completely understand what you’re getting at.

I’d consider myself a competent psion, though I’ll I’m decent at is healing. If you could try to explain it better, I’ll probably be in.

Well we decide on a goal of some sort…
For example Help ‘bob’ make more money or find some way to make more money.

Or teach someone medical chikung, or something like that.

We project to a place in the real time world or an alternate reality created by us.

It can even be something like when I was a part of a dream team before. Our solution to where atlantis used to be was antarctica. That was December of 2003? Maybe?

Well anyway the idea is to collectively project, and help others to maintain thier projections in the group by maybe even teaching simple chikung or reiki (called shenkung by taoists) so that they may be able to enhance their projections. Whether it be by hun (dreambody) or spirit projection (shen).