dream reading?

Please tell me do you believe in reading in your dreams, i thought it was not possible, there have been times that i have read something in a normal dream like a sentence but then sometimes the words get fuzzy. anyway this has only happend in a normal dream, and in lucid dreams i have not read something.

There was another thing, i know how to use IRC a little bit, but last year in my dream i leanrt a new thing on IRC but in my dream. So when i woke up i wanted to see if this was real and it was, so my dream taught me something new in the computer program IRC.

Also a few years ago i had a lot of dreams about driving my brothers car, and at that time i had only driven my brothers car in real life in a car park, as i was a learner driver, but in the dream i would drive it really well on the roads, and later i started driving with my dad on the roads still as a learner i was taking lessons from my dad and he told me that it feels like i am a professioinal driver like i have been doing this for years. So was it the dreams that helped me? or is it the fact that a few years before that the lessons that i took with my driving teacher had stayed in my mind perfectly even though i drove in my teaches car well, becasue my brothers car is quite different, and every dream i have is very vivd and feels real.

Anyway the reason i have brought all this up was because i was not sure on exactly how much you could read in normal dreams, i have heard from this forum that in the dream world things are very hard to read and they go blurry and fuzzy and that can be a clue to becoming lucid. Well the reason i ask this is because last night i had a dream where i was infront of a silver TV and i has a new kind of dvd player which was playing what seemed to be a roller coaster game in stereo 3d. Now i was also reading a dvd player magazine and i noticed my dvd player in the magazine and i was reading about these players, they were new kind of dvd players like the ones selling in the shops, it had a hard drive inside, a special kind of dvd writer, a tv card, and i was able to read so much technical specs on the machines and i could read the charts and they were talking about all the features of the dvd players and this was amazing. I could even tell the difference from the acronyms used in the dvd player industry and see that one dvd player had dvd recorder built in that used dvd+r discs and the other used dvd+r dl the dl means double layer there the new kind of disc in that are sold in real life now in the shops and so this was all in my dream. So it seems to be possible to read in dreams as i had just expeienced it.

What do you think of all this?

Is this new or has plenty of people read in their dreams and lucid dreams and even obes.

I verified in my dream diary : it’s possible to read something in a ND ( a story in a book for instance ).
In my LDs, I just read words or little sentences. But they often don’t change, so I can’t employ it for RC.

It is possible, I’ve read complete stories that i have never seen before in a LD.

I can read but often the lettering changes, even weirder was in an LD i had night before last where i was looking through a mag to see what i had in this dream mag, i figured it would help me remember what i saw if i wrote it down so i started writting it down on a pad- stopped when i relized i wouldnt be able to take it out of the dream but then kept going anyway because i figured it would help me remember.
So i was writting n this pad and my writting wa svery neat and tidy, then ilooked through a mag, found a page i liked but accidently skipped past it. Then no matter how hard i tried i couldnt find that page-it had been titled somthing like ‘theres no such thing as *** degrees’ and it was about a punk band or somthing because it had images from shows.
Than i flicked through the start of the mag and there were all these pictures from raves and parties…i kept writting
Then i looked at the beggining pages again and they were all porno! the people where the same but now there were indulging in extreme hardcore porn.
As i became (cough cough) aroused i tried to fight it…i tried writting in the pad again but now my writting was terrible and messy.
I couldnt get it right again
annoying to say the least.