Dream recall is getting frustrating

I was never good at recalling dreams. I can only do this once in a while, usually it is an uneasy dream.
i have been trying for a while now. doing all that subconcious stuff. telling myself to remember my dream, asking myself to remember my dream. and it just doesn’t seem to work. any suggestions on how to help this? I really want to lucid dream but I know recalling dreams is the first step.

and heres what im using: mint tea (pepperment/spearmint), dreamjournal, telling myself to remember the dream etc

Are you getting enough sleep? What time do you usually go to sleep at? Try to set your alarm to a time you are most likely dreaming. That helps alot. I also started Dream Recall around 3 weeks ago, but I have been remembering my dreams every night except on Friday and Saturday (because I hardly get any sleep during those days).

I get anywhere from 6-7-8 hrs of sleep.
I think ill set my alarm earlier so i catch myself dreaming…thanks for the tip.

i just took some valerian root to help me sleep better.

also, dont stress about remembering. It’s hard, but sometimes I don’t remember my dream if I work at it too hard, my body just gets exhausted! It’s great that you’re doing the stuff that you’re doing, you’ll probibly start recalling dreams very soon! :smile: Good luck!

Valerian thats some stanky stuff. Does it help though??

Sounds like u need more sleep. Some night give yourself 9 hours and u will most probably dream more and remember more.

haha, yea I originally purchased valerian root to use as stink bombs, but I recently discovered that it helps you sleep.

last time I tried going to bed early, I could not sleep at all. but I will try again, maybe after drinking some tea and taking valerian.

i recall my dreams quickly upon waking. Other times i might be taking a shower and not even thinking about it and an image will pop into my head that makes me want to put the puzzle together. I wanted something to read so i picked up a book (not really the one i wanted but its something) and it has a section on Dream Maps. Basically its what a family tree would look like but instead of family names or titles you would use whatever you remembered or felt (anger, sadness, happiness etc.)in a dream to start your map. For instance, i had a dream that the only thing that i remembered was a woman on a dirt motorcycle riding in the sand, but i couldnt remember much of anything else although it felt like it was on the tip of my brain. So i tried the map, i wrote down “woman riding a motorbike in sand” then i circled it, then i drew 2 lines from the circle, 1 above it which to me represents what was happening before i saw the woman on the bike and one below it which represents what happened after i saw the woman. Most of the time i can get far on the info that i’m looking for before i just come to a halt. Now i know that you said that you cant recall anything but you didnt mention if you can remember at least an image or feeling even if it was only for a few seconds. If so then try the dream map and see what happens. even if it only gives you a little bit of info, it might be enough for you to surprisingly have the same exact dream again and maybe this time recall it without a problem. Let me know how it goes!

thanks, I’ll give it a try

yea when I wake up, sometimes if I cant remember my dreams, I just lay there motionlessly, and go through a mental list of objects and people. Lots of times one small object triggers a whole series of dreams. Like you think shoes…then ya remember “oh yea, I was hiking”, then once you remember one part, its easy to backtrack through your dreams.

Hahah, I may suck at gettin LDs, but im a Dream Recall master q-:

try this


its a subliminal link to help you LD :beer: it also helps dream recall :uptosomething:

Good Luck :partying_face:

For me, what works best is to wake up naturally. No alarm or anything. Thus, I usually get most of my dreams on the weekends. It’s also got to be the first thing I think of when I wake up. So I don’t often remember dreams on school days when I’m running late and in a hurry. Stress also hampers my dream recall. Relaxing myself in a hot bath or shower before I go to bed seems to help.

I believe you should naturally get better at dream recall if you keep the topic on your mind a lot. I know I did.


Remembering to remember a dream can be hard, especially if u have just started to really work on it. Even though im not an absolute expert at dream recall, what best works for me is to stay in my bed for a while after i have woken up in the morning(ex:b4 going to school), and try to remember most of my dream. Since i have just woken up from that specific dream, if i just lay there and try and remembering it…it will work.
I hope i have given u a good way to remembering your dreams. Remember: the more u practice remembering…the easier it will become.
c ya ^_~

I dunno if that site actually helps… it kinda makes me dizzy lol.
Anyway, my suggetion to you is to wake up after 4+1/2 hours and 6 hours after you go to bed and try to remeber your dreams.
Give it a couple minutes and write down anythin in your head wether it is a dream or not. Try this a couple nights and I am sure you will have success.

Like they where saying. How long you sleep has allot to do with how easy it is to recall dreams. Since you are having a hard time recalling dreams. Maybe you can make it a bit easier. This might not be possible for you. Due to your schedule , or maybe you just cant sleep this long. I would try sleeping 12 hours or more. I suggest more if you can pull it off. I have done it many time, and I recall many dreams when I do it. Both lucid and non lucid.

I’m not sure if you read about the REM sleep yet. So I’ll give you my short version lol. REM is the period during you sleep that you dream. The longer you sleep the time less time there is between REM’s and the longer they last.

Also, the longer you sleep the lighter your sleep becomes. The lighter your sleep becomes the more likely you are to remember your dreams.

So if you sleep really long. Maybe on your day off . If you have one. You will be able to boost your chances of recalling a dream. By sleeping in as long as you can. Sometimes when I do this Ill keep waking up and falling back asleep for 5 minutes at a time, and recall something from every time I fell back asleep. It’s from sleeping so light near the end part of my sleep period, and from my mind and body being so rested. My brain will just kick into REM.

GL hope that helps :cool: !!!