dream recall/lucid dreaming


I’m quite new to trying to have a lucid dream, I’ve had a few in the past but not through trying. I thought i had good dream recall as i can usually remember 1 or 2 dreams in detail and fragments of 3 or 4 other ones. I’ve been trying the WILD method and can remain conscious during the hypnagogic stage for what seems like about 10 mins and I start to see images but can’t focus on them. After that i cant remember anything else.
Since trying this my dream recall seems to have got worse as i can only remember my most recent dream and sometimes 1 or 2 fragments of others(but all non-lucid). I’ve tried all the tips on the LD4all website and any tips i’ve found in here for improving dream recall.
I’ve also tried telling myself that if I have a lucid dream I will wake myself up and record it in my dream journal rather that waiting till morning. I thought this might help as if I remain consious from the moment I start to go to sleep till the moment I wake up then I cant forget.(or can I?)

Do you think that I’m having lucid dreams and not remembering them or am I not having any?(I know that you can’t give definate answers as you cannot see my dreams but I would appreciate your opinion on this)

If you had similiar experiences when starting this can you tell me what you did?
And do you have any other tips to improve dream recall?


P.S. I’ ve been keeping a dream journal for about a year and had good dream recall for as long as I remember untill now

You might be having some, but lucid dreams are usually more memorable and if you have any recall at all you would probably remember them- so I don’t think that’s your problem.

Maybe WILD isn’t best for you. I don’t know if that’s what caused your recall to worsen- have you had any other lifestyle changes that could account for your change in recall? One tip you might not have tried yet is meditation- 15 min before going to bed helps (I use a chart to moniter its effectiveness and it does help).

not had any life style changes but i will go and look up some stuff on meditation

It might just be because I’m trying to remember them now I didn’t really try to remember before(I just woke up and i could remember them).

will maybe try another method if WILD doesn’t work out in a few weeks