dream recall -normal?

i’ve been having LD’s often ( 2 last night) that seem to last around one minuet each with average to low lucidity. they seem to end 30 seconds after i realize i’m lucid :neutral:

It takes me about half a day to completely realize the dream, is this normal? and if it is how can it work with people who lead seperate LD lives if they dont remember? :bored:

Hi mattteatro,

If you are new into lucid dreaming (I dont know since you say you have them often, so perhaps you’re not so new) it can happen that you have difficulties remembering them. I would suggest to follow the advices and such that are written out on the site about dream recall (main site under first -> remember). Good luck :smile:

sorry Xetrov , let me rephrase what i said. :bored: I have dreams often, and have had 1 lucid so far. It takes me till about lunch to completely remember and even sometimes a whole day. my real question is…

is there a way to remember dreams, lucid or not, right after awaking or does it take practise?

mattteatro, have you read all the info on the site i referred to? Have you read all the info in the “big remembering dreams” topic? I dont wanna sound annoying to you, but to me it seems you didn’t, because there are several techniques described there that cover your question (“is there a way to remember dreams, lucid or not, right after awaking or does it take practise?”) quite broadly. The idea is that you read as much as you can on these topics and after that if you still dont understand things or have quesitons, ask them here. Good luck at it.

Forgeting dreams is normal, and curiously, the same problem happens with LD’s. For instance, you can have LD’s in the middle of the night. When the lucidity ends, you don’t wake up and the dream becomes normal : these LD’s are as difficult to remember as ND’s.
If you don’t want to experience such problems, you have to :

  • keep a dream journal,
  • make an effort to remember your dreams each morning when waking up,
    until your dream recall is good.
    The main recall technique is based upon autosuggestion : before sleeping, you repeat mentally “I’ll remember my dream when waking up”. It works very well and you dream recall increase dramatically in 1 or 2 weeks.

But Xetrov is right, you should have a look on the “BIG remembering dreams” thread, or in the Lucid_Dreaming Wikibook.

when you wake up, (as long as you dont have to rush to work/school), lie there and think about the dreams you had… try and go as far back as you can…

do this every time you wake up, everytime you have the time! Then write your dreams down, either on paper or in a DJ in the Dream Diary forum. I advise having a notepad near your bed and everytime you want to jot down something you can just write it down in point form so u dont forget…

as you do this… slowly, but surely, you will start to remember more and more dreams. Thats the first and most important step, to make sure you can remember!

All the best, and have fun,

Thanx for all the help :content: i tried what u said about sitting and remembering and it worked, i think with practise my dream recall can be better. Also i’m sorry i didn’t read most of the information on that site :bored: . i’ll remember to read more carefully in the future… :neutral: