Dream Recall Or A meringue?

Well with my previous attempt at LD beforehand being a semi failure I just wondered what I could do to help it.
The time I tried I had just read about LD on Wiki, then thought Oooh I’ll give it a shot then, so I go off to set reality checks.(Consisting of checking the alarm on my watch every time I look down)

A few weeks later I fall asleep and look down at my watch in the dream, now after reading about keeping emotionally stable, I slowly in the dream say “I am drea…” The dream then “skips” and carries on as if I was not saying that sentence.

I just wonder what was the cause, was it excitement or bad dream recall afterwards, or was I just dreaming that I was lucid dreaming?

It sounds to me like you’ve got a tricky SC :tongue:

I think you became lucid (when you started saying that you were dreaming), but the dream skipped and you immediatly lost lucidity.

That always a lot to me when I gain lucidity; the dream drops out into blackness and rebounds in another normal dream…sometimes I remain lucid through this drop and into the “new” dream.

I may instead of trying to become Lucid in dreams, I may try WILD.
Any extra tips for it?

Here’s some info on WILD.


Don’t give up on reality checks and DILD! WILD is hard, especially for people new to lucid dreaming, and many people become frustrated with it and stop.


Some people take longer than others with lucid dreaming, so keep at it until you get the results you want- then better it! :grin:

Good luck. ^^


Heres my advice on WILD, the things you read you cant take absolutely literally, make sure you adjust the various steps to suit you, and make sure you don’t try too hard and just let it come to you. I find that many of the WILD directions emphasize stillness while for detailed HI to come for me ( I use a HI entrance technique) I just have to do what I would normally do to go asleep and simply stay awake in my mind. Bottom line is just dont take things too literally and do what suits you. Good Luck! :wink: