Dream Recall Question

is it possible to lose your dream recall? i’ve been pretty good at it but the last two days i have been bad…

Moved from Quest since it’s about Dream Recall only.

i dont think so. as with everything, we recall bits and pieces of what has happened over time so you may or may not recall a dream from the night before cause our short term memory can only recall so much in a given time. Sometimes you just don’t remember your dreams. It happens to me a lot. I’ll have great dream recall for days, then for a couple days after that, i cant remember anything. It its really a hit or miss, but you can help improve your dream recall by keeping a dream journal every day and re-reading tho\rough old dreams. It exercises your memory for that field in particular.

It’s called a dryspell, and it happens to everyone. There are many ways to make sure it won’t return, however, and that by using DR aid foods, or getting a more regular sleep schedule. Lastly, remember that everyone dreams multiple times a day, and it’s only a matter of putting yourself into the right frame of mind (it helps staying still in the same position you woke up from) to start remembering. LDphone wrote a nice guide on it. Last but not least, you can always anchor dream recall.
Dream on. :smile: