Dream Recall Tips----EVEYone join in!

This can be a topic where we all list each other’s dream recall methods. I’ll start it off.
-Theres that subliminal thing.
-Theres mint tea.
-Dream Journal

ok, well, mine goes like this

-when i go to bed i focus ALL my intent on either knowing im dreaming and remembering my dream

-i painstakingly visualise me having a dream then it ending, then telling myself i should remember what happened when something like that ends

-dream jurnol

-mint tea

  • dream journal (I often reread some of my past dreams)

  • subliminal messages: brainwave generator, that spiral thing with LD subliminal messages and Subliminal Messages 3.0

  • mint tea

  • vitamin B6

  • intention of remembering my dreams

  • everytime I wake up the first thing I think about is “what did I dream?” so I try not to move and think back until I remember the dream

And my latest method(pulled me out of a slump so don’t laugh):
Asking myself politely before falling asleep to remember my dreams :content:
“Could I please remember my dreams if its not too much trouble?”
I didn’t come up with it I found it a website.

  • Journal (though I don’t really need it to remember my dreams)
  • Intention
  • Laying in different positions with an intention to remember your dreams (it really works)

That’s all I can think of… umm… laying in different positions is my favorite method to remember my dreams when I have a hard time recalling my dreams. :smile:

Intention method works very well too… so it really depends on what you rather to do or depends on your movitation. :grin:

No. 1 tip of all times: Keep a dream journal. It practise you in not only remembering your dream, but in going through your dream in details. And it’s really nice being able to look through your dream journal.

It is also a good idea to make your dream journal something special. If you write it by hand, buy a book and a pen exclusively for writing your dreams, and keep it close to your bed so you can use it as soon as you wake up. With computer-based ones I have no experience :shy:

And another great tip :cool_laugh: learn how to wake up without an alarm-clock. It sounds really hard, but it wasn’t to me. This is how I do it: when going to bed, set your intent to waking up at a given time (repeat in your head while falling asleep what you intend to do, until you fall asleep or you feel that your intention is set). Try to do it after these 1.5 hours cycles. So for instance if you are going to sleep for 7 hours, set your intention to wake up after 6 hours of sleep. Keep your alam to go off after 7 hours, as a backup. Thats if you fall asleep at midnight, set your intention to waking up at 6 AM. When you wake up, remember your dream, write it down, and fall asleep again, making sure your alarm is set to go off at the usual time. Now you have done your dream recall practise and don’t have to worry about remembering your dream. But if you remember more dreams after being awaken by the alarm, write down them too.
The great thing about this technique is that you will automatically wake up after a dream, as the sleep period where you are likely to wake up without being awaken by anything, is just after the dreams. An alarm could wake you in the non-sleep dreams, or wake you up with so great shock that you get troble remembering your dreams.

EDIT: Seems like I made a really funny mistake two lines over here :grin: I wrote “non-sleep dreams” but I really meant “non-dream sleep”.

1.dream diary definately
3.vit b6
4.newly adapted- i try to rewind my day from evening to the morning(backwards)with as much details as i can remember.Helps a lot,i guess thx to activating “memeory paths” in a brain.

I had a dream Journal for a year or so, but I’m either too lazy or too busy so I’ve started using a dictaphone instead.

It’s much easier to speak than write in the middle of the night. At first I used it to record reminders of dreams while I was too sleepy to write them up, and I would do that later, but now I’ve moved to a totally auditory system. Which would be ok if I listened to my tapes much. It’s much less convenient to browse them than dream journals.

The best solution would probably be digital dictaphone, with dated sound files that can be easily browsed, and archived on computer.

Dream Recall Tips eh?

  • Waking up without an alarm!!
    That is a priority for me, if I get woken up by some noise or alarm, I wake up cranky and immediately forget my dreams.
  • Keeping a notebook and coloured pencils beside my bed for night-time drawing or dream writing.
  • Telling myself…“I am going to remember some cool dreams tonight.” Or asking my kitties to “Come into my dreams and we will have adventures together.” (CraZy, I KnoW!)
  • Reading and posting here on LD4All.com.
  • Not being afraid to try new things…even if they don’t work!
    -mint tea-
    -mirror staring-
    -spiral hypnotising-
    -subliminal messages-
    -tibetan monk chants-
    hehee…Keep 'em coming folks!! :tongue:

This method works very well for me too! And it’s not crazy to ask your kitties to have an adventure together in your dream. :grin:

Yeah that laying in different positions one works good.
Dream journal ofcourse, and the power of suggestion! I don’t use mint tea but maybe I should?