dream recall...

lately ive been too busy to actaully try an focus on becomming lucid or even my dream recall. but the weird thing is, that during the day in real life, i get lots of triggers that instantly remind me of a dream. this happens alot, so i know im dreaming a lot, i just dont take time to think about it when i wake up. so i get realyl confused on what was IN A DREAM and WHAT ACTUALLY has happened? anyone else have a problem in seperating the dream world from the real world?

I have experienced this too. When I get up in the morning, I don’t have time to record my dreams. I need to set my alarm clock about 15 minutes earlier. Every once in a while, I will get a trigger IRL. However, my brain likes to automatically fill in any blank spots in the dream. Sometimes I catch it and go, “Wait, that happened IRL, that wasn’t part of the dream!!” When this happens, I am usually only able to “salvage” part of the dream…:sad:

When I’m dreaming it’s like IRL, since I notice the events (like you would life), but I’m too stupid to realize that I’m dreaming. There is a very thin line between dreaming and reality; that where RCs come in (and can go wrong). From my experience, whenever you do an RC think ‘totally unrealistic’.

Aside from FAs, my dreams usually don’t resemble my “Real Life” ™ a great deal.

Even when it does, the differences are pretty significant (eg. RL workplace is a one-story building, not the second floor of a skyscraper).

Yes, the same occurs with me. Which RC do you use, omega3?

I have loads of dreams about everyday events and it often confuses me. Recently I keep dreaming of things that might be/are about to happen in RL eg. I dreamt that I had to go out somewhere important this evening so I woke up today thinking I had something planned tonight.

I didnt realise until I was about 20 :eek: that the memory of tipping a cup of tea over a doctors head from an upstairs window was actually a dream from childhood :tongue:

I sometimes dream of something, and then think it was part of RL for a while.

But generally, I don’t have a problem :smile:.

dream recall i find is the most important part of lucid dreaming. even if your just thinking your dream through start to finish (or finish to start! i record all mine backwards lol) as you are going about doing whatever you right when you wake up. (brushing your teeth, taking a shower etc…) even if you can jot down a few quick notes, highlighting the main points of your dreams. this will help so you will have more oppurtunity to get more then fragments of your dream. DR is something you can lose if you dont practice regularly.
Best of luck :wink:

Ok, I can recall dreams but I still can’t figure ou any rc’s. Every time seems different.

I once used the $5 appear on the floor RC. (came true!) So now I’m using different ones ($1 million), recall where I have been, people and settings, and my feelings of coarse. :wink: