Dream Recall

What is the main trick you use to remember your dreams?
How long have you practiced it?
How much of dreams and how clearly do you remember them?
Do you remember enough to have lucid dreams?

I simply will it, and it happens. My dreams are fairly clear, so long as I prepared before bed and/or had enough time upon waking to remember them.

Many people write their dreams down in a dream journal (DJ).
I don’t, and i’ve always had many LDs. But if you find that you need to do it, do whatever it takes.

And i don’t find deam recall helps your dreams, they just happen.

How many dreams did you recall as a child, waking up in the morning? Did you ever have an LD because of them?
Just learn as much as you can about the subject and they will start happening. :wink:

To summ up how i recall dreams better.

Dont even ask the question “how do i get better dream recall”
just instead know your going to remember your dream. Thats how i do it lol
and i seem to always have pretty detailed dream recall

Here’s a trick I’ve read of (though I haven’t had the need to try it out for myself). Drink half a glass of water before bed, and tell yourself that when you finish it, you’ll remember your dreams.

Or you could meditate on things like “I will remember my dreams.”

Or you could incubate a dream such that you wake up in the middle.

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nothing can really help you remember dreams. except having the intent to remember them. The water trick just tricks your mind into remembering it. Foods and stuff help induce dreaming, but nothing can really automatically make you remember, just teach yourself. Its like eating ice cream to teach you greek in 5 mintues. it doesnt work.

I find that once you remember the first little thing about a dream, the rest usualy floods back, and a tip I’ve read is just to think about lots of things when you’ve just woken up. For example, thinking of lots of different places you know in real life, might cause you to remember a dream that took place there that night. Thinking about people works too.

What is the main trick you use to remember your dreams?
People write them down, if you find you dont remember them, dont try, simple, if your not trying to, and you just lay there in bed, with your eyes closed and let yourself drift, its more than likley to come back to you, but the more you try and remember the less likley you will

How long have you practiced it?
Um… i havnt ever had to right my dreams down to remember them, i remember dreams i had 10 years ago still and i remember them every morning

How much of dreams and how clearly do you remember them?
Well some more and better than toher, but most the time i remember them in full or at least 75% of it

Do you remember enough to have lucid dreams?
I dont know to be honest, im still confused as to weather my dreams are lucid or not, part of me tells me they where, but part says they where not

hoep this helps ?