Dream recall

Since my latest lucid dream, my dream recall became very bad… does anyone have any tips for me? :eek:

Just wait. :neutral:

(And of course: write down even the smallest things you remember).

Normally I have an excellent dream recall, but sometimes it just seems to have gone. It has always come back to me, so don’t worry. :smile:

I don’t know if the (temporary) loss of dream recall has anything to do with the LD you had. Maybe someone else did experience this too? Could be a coincidence though.

Good luck! :smile:

I have to agree with hypnodude. I go through periods of time wherein my dream recall is very poor or even nonexistent. Only thing for it is to relax, chill out and don’t stress out over it. Just go to bed like normal, right anything you can remember, even if its just a feeling, in your dream journal and wait for it to come back. Usually doesn’t last more than a week.

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