Dream recall

Hi All,
I started my DJ on 22 Nov 21.
I have been concentrating on Sleeping well and for the past 3 days my DJ is Empty…i could not recollect any of my Dreams… it’s as if I did not Dream at all.
Any help ???

Sometimes that happens, especially if you’re making changes to your sleep schedule. Don’t fret about it, and when you do remember even the tiniest detail or fragment, write it down. I’ve had dreams come to me hours later.

For past 2 days i was able to write down 3 words daily… I’ll continue this practice … Thanks :blush:

Do you feel that you are sleeping enough and healthily? What were those 3 words, if you are willing share?

Today I tried to recall my dream… and i remembered my Dream but by the time I could search for my DJ i forgot my dreams
I could only write down “Students. Promise change” which means that there were students in my dreams and they were doing something.
Yesterday was better … I wrote “UA students training in Forest”.
Again when I read back my DJ i don’t recollect what I dreamt even though I have written them.
28 dec I wrote 'Washing clothes , Counting tasks , merge task"
23-27 Christmas Vacation🎄
22 Dec “Video games :video_game:
House :house_with_garden: girls multiplying into family and again turn back single with the touch of my hands”
20 Dec “Village guy with Rules…
Guide line…must eat all food in festival”
17 Dec “2 guys on bike…”
16 Dec “Website write about LD seeking guide…
1 person help.”
15 Dec “Made around 20 website links”
13 Dec " Competition village many people
2 main character have to search for someone in City "
12 Dec “In a house :house: auction”
11 Dec Afternoon “Dream about gift coin”
10 Dec " One girl was wearing maxi and showing off her boobies. I turned and tried to look at her.
When I went close it was Bhavana I said sorry :pensive:."
6 Dec “I girl 3 boys, one black boy
Booth troubling then.
House yard garden digging cover again.
2 girl young owner of house”
5 Dec “Elephant , house, pin needle , fat to slim”
4 Dec “Church. Bhoot no fear”
29 Nov “Sydney church no place to stand
26 Nov " T5 T1 Jupiter 2 computers"
23 Nov “I saw myself standing and immediately I realised this is a dream.”
22 Nov “I got up after Alarm, searched for DJ but Could not Find it Next to the Pillow, So I went to Sleep Again”
This is my DJ since 22 Nov till date…

My Schedule:
I wake up after 8.00 am
Work from 12pm to 10 pm
Meet friends 11pm to 12.30 am
1:00 am go to sleep and get up after 8:00 am

Question : Is it possible to have LD even if I Sleep for only 6hrs a day ?

What kind of students? School or university? Did you feel like you knew them or were they unrelated dream characters? Did they physically appear or did you only hear about them or have dream memories of them? Did they wear anything special maybe like uniforms or what made you recognize them as students?

Who made the promise: You or somebody else? To whom was the promise made? Was it a very serious promise or more or less for fun? Why did it have to be changed? Was it impossible to keep maybe?

Just some questions to get you thinking. You don’t have to post all the answers here, it’s for you.

If you cannot immediately write down your dream then try to solidify it in your memory after waking up. You can do that by going over the memory multiple times in your head and digging deeper into the memories and details of the dream as you do. Also I often think about what I will write down later in my DJ when I’m in such a kind of situation. Or think of a title for the dream already and memorize the title in particular.

If you really mean “search“ with your phase, as in spending a considerable amount of energy to obtain your DJ, then you should pay more due diligence to the advice of putting your DJ right next to your bed :lol:

It’s been 2 months since I Started my DJ But I am still Not able to recall my dreams…
Any Suggestions ???

If you’ve been trying very very hard for two months continuously, then maybe shifting down a gear or two is a good idea. Keep your DJ next to your bed so you can write anything down that you can remember, but other than that, you can try to take a break for a week and relax.

Sure :smiley:
Thanks for the Tip…