My DJ has been Empty For the Past 1 Week

My Dream Recall Has Decereased in the Year Z0ZZ

This is my DJ entry for Jan Z0ZZ

2 Jan – Met Sam near river house
4 Jan – Playing 3d games
9 Jan – Empty
10 Jan – Searching for GG
11 Jan – Searching for New Dreams
12 Jan – Me study
13 Jan – Fighting Tournament Single
17 Jan – Participating in Games and winnig games
20 Jan – I remembered my Dream but forgot to write down
24 Jan – Playing 2nd chance on pc games
25 Jan - Playing 2d games Running and grabbing 2 power
26- Jan – Playing PC Games…Trying to earn points and complete level … I asked the question ”is this a LD" while dreaming …
28 Jan – Was playing PC Games…

But from 29 Jan till Today my DJ has been Empty …
So My DJ has been Empty For the Past 1 Week

How do I get Back to having dreams ?
For the past 7 days 1 Feel I have not had any dreams at all.
I feel I have not Dreamt for 1 Full Week.

Any Suggestions ? Any help please ?

Remember that you’re always dreaming with sleeping. So it’s really about memory and not about dreaming. Try to practice some awareness in waking life and check your memory of the day’s happening before going to bed. At the same time, also resolve to remember dreams when you wake up. When you finally do wake up, focus on your dreams before spending thoughts on anything else in the morning.

So How do I Improve my Dream Recall ?

Is there any Practice that I can do in Day Time ?

The Problem is that for the past 1 week I have not Touched my DJ … I have not even written a single word.
Usually I atleast Write “Can’t remember”
But since the past 7 days After waking up i did not even Bother to Touch my DJ

Any Help ?

This is what I wrote in the morning
“Has joined group
Join website … Name address email updated”
This is what I wrote in the morning…
It’s Utter Nonsense … I can’t make Head or Tails out of This
But I am in NO Hurry
Dec Z0ZZ

This is the Answer I was Looking for
Is it okay to force myself to do Mantra repetition or will repeating Mantra will have a Negative effects ?

All i know about meditation is that “I keep repeating a short Mantra again and again and again”
I have repeated more than 125,000 Mantras

I have made several MP3 like each playing a Mantra every 10 seconds
This is just a dream
Is this a Dream ?
Am I Dreaming ?
I have Listened to them for more than 8 hrs …
But Still I did not become Lucid
Because I do not get Vivid Dreams…
And for the past 3 months i have just been trying Hard to Maintain a Good Dream Journal
But I have never written more than 1 line
Time is what I am relying on…

It seems you may be associating quantity with quality.

In the case with mantras, it doesn’t matter how many times you hear it/say it/think it if there’s no intention or actual awareness behind it. You have to follow up actually consider the possibility that you are dreaming. How did you get to where you are? Can you recall that?
What’s happening around you? Is it logical?

As far as your journal goes, quantity may be a valid metric for quality, as a longer journal entry is often reflective of better recall, but, don’t discredit the value of a short journal entry. Something is better than nothing and consistency will carry you a long way to building more recall and awareness.

If your issue with your journal is recall, keep in mind the advice that has already been offered.

Good advice here. Don’t move when you wake up. Leave your eyes closed. Try to remember that dream, that feeling, even if it’s just a little bit. If you find a thread, pull on it, what was before that? Do I remember any images? feelings? sounds?

When I keep a consistent journal, even I’m starting with some days of no recall or just fragments, my recall comes back quite naturally as I keep the journal, so I might not have the best advice/perspective on this.

When I won’t have time to write anything down I often say some part of the dream aloud, helps me remember it later.

If your issue is actually finding the energy to write the journal, you might consider exploring your motivation.

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