dream recall

what are som e good ways i can increase my dream recall

i have horrible dream recall right now

i have horrible dream recall right now

Peppermint tea and vitamin B complex are my favorites for helping improve dream recall. It helps to write down whatever you remember, even if it’s nothing.

Orange juice and Vitiman B seems to work for me i guess, dairy helps some ppl i know. Be sure to tell us what works for you when you find out :smile:

Also try to lay very still when you wake up. Try to recall your dreams in every details before you move at all and to write it down. You have to be patient. Some people require writing their dreams in a journal everyday to be able to recall their dreams… some don’t. It just depends who you are and how well you can remember your dreams.

Good luck by the way! :wiske:

does the mint tea have to be mint? or tea? and should the vitamin be only B, or would a pill with all kinds of vitamins work?

For me peppermint tea is best.
A pill with lots of vits won’t have enough B6 and B12.

just take your time and chill taht is a good way to do it. just let if flow do not force it