Dream Recall?

When you start to get good at remembering your dreams does that mean that a lucid dream might be coming soon, so basicly is having good dream recall a precursor to LD?

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It’s arguable whether or not good recall is actually required for lucid dreaming, but it certainly does help. After all, what chance do you have of noticing that you’re in a dream if you aren’t familiar with the difference? Recall assists by helping you identify and differentiate dreams from reality. The more you pay attention to what you commonly dream about, the more you’ll be able to recognize these ‘signs’ subconsciously as they occur. The underlying goal here is to teach yourself to realize when you’re experiencing a dream, and to take conscious control of it.

Feel free to ask any other questions you may have, and good luck in your quest for lucidity. :content:

Thanks for the reply, I have been having trouble remembering dreams lately, so now when i wake up i wake up pretty much blank. It feels like i havent dreamt of anything at all i mean nothing. What do you do or write in your DJ when this happens its frustrating if it happens a few times.

I think good dream recall somehow makes your non lucid dreams become more vivid somehow, and I’ve noticed it’s usually the vivid dreams where I start to become lucid. Mostly though, I think having memories of your dreams helps you somehow become in-tune with how dreams appear, and helps you recognize them to become lucid.

It has been a very long while since I’ve woken up without remembering a single dream (unless I’ve had only a couple of hours sleep, or something). Usually it’s simply that you aren’t trying to remember them first thing in the morning that leads to their swift disappearance. Although, it could also be that you’re inhibiting it somehow. There are plenty of things you can do to increase your chances of remembering them.

How much sleep do you get? REM (the primary sleep cycle that you dream throughout) occurs more frequently as the night goes on. It also becomes significantly longer each time, meaning that the final couple of hours of sleep usually contain at least as much dreaming as rest of the entire night. Eight hours sleep is only a little longer than seven, but you’ll experience a lot more dreaming. If your average night is 5 or 6 hours of sleep, then you’re missing out on about 3/4 of what you’d get sleeping 8 hours.

Also, people generally find it easier to recall dreams when they wake directly from one. I find it to be largely beneficial to set an alarm and intentionally wake myself up a couple of times in the late morning. This allows me to write down what I can remember from earlier on, and also improves the chances that I’ll awakening directly from a dream. If you don’t have difficulty returning to sleep after you wake up, I’d recommend you try this.

im gonna try that one but i think i will have a hard time going back to sleep, im just gonna try and remember some dreams in the morning when i wake up

i finally started my dream journal last night and i woke up at around 5 A.M and remembered a dream very vivid, so i guess the trick to remembring them is just waking up earlier.

Thats true IZ, and a lot of practising, so your neural network adjust to the new input and your focussing of mind also.


its been a little less then a week now of me recording my dreams and i can remember up to 3 dreams a night, alhtough last night was weird because i didnt remember anything.

Actually, that helps only in DILD and maybe MILD. WILD is definately “you either know it or you dont” kind of thing…

I agree with monitor. my recall these days is at least one dream per night, and last night i had a Quite vivid dream. i never write down my dreams, but i replay many times in my head during the day, this works allot better for me then actually writing them down. i REALLY hope a lucid dream is following, because i havent had one yet :cry: .

These days im really going out of my way to try and dream lucidly, so i hope my effort shows some results soon.

Thanks :ok:

Well Brad345 good luck then and all others also with getting a lucid dream!

Brad when you stay in your bed as your location lol sooner or later it should work! :smile:

Good luck!


I had been having lots of vivid dreams a while ago. I always write them down very detailed, probably too much :shy: They were on my mind a lot but the lucid dream didn’t come until one night after a conversation with someone about lucidity at 3am in the morning. Because I was explaining them to someone who wasn’t familiar with the subject I was putting a bit more thought into it.
But another time I went lucid after reading articles about dreaming all night on the internet. Both times I’d been that little bit more motivated and interested by the whole subject so that it completely filled my mind.