Dream Recalling

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I was just wondering: I’ve seen people said, that you need a really good dream recall to start having Lucid Dreams! … My problem is; I dont recall a dream every night. Sometimes i do recall more than 2 a week … Other weeks/days, not more than 1-2 :sadyes: … How can i improve my dream recall, so that i will be able to recall atleast 1 dream per night? :uh:
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The guide (and also, another guide specifically for Dream Journals) or the BIG dedicated topic, if you’re looking for a longer read.

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Thanks for the links, I’m going to read every 3 right now, so that might help me :smile:
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Might be a late reply, but im recalling 4-5 a week now. Yay me :tongue:

Yeah after a few months on a dj I went from 2 to 3 a week to almost the same number a night

I am having tremendous dream recall at the moment and know that it will only get better. When I started LDing years ago, I started off with one dream (if that per night) and got to around 7 on average a night in just a few weeks time. Dream recall really is like a muscle; if you don’t use it, you lose it. I took a break from the dream world and started again last week at one dream per night, but I’m up to 3, 4ish now. The thing that really helped me the most is using a voice recorder at night. I have an external mic for my iPod and I use an app called Night Recorder. I plug it into a wall charger, run the app, then hang the mic and my iPod on nails on the wall. The reason Night Recorder is so special is because you can set the mics sensitivity so that it will only start recording when the volume passes a specified threshold. When its quiet again, it stops recording, cutting out about 7.75 hours of silence, leaving you with only the good stuff, like sleep talking or boisterous farting. At first I used it to see what was going on at night (I learned that I shuffle A LOT and sleep talk on occassion) but quickly realized that I could run it, wake up after a dream NOT MOVE A MUSCLE, but still record my dreams by groggily mumbling to myself. It takes much less effort and you can record way more information quickly this way. Once I record all I remember, I just go back to sleep, virtually uninterrupted! When I wake up, I can’t always remember my dreams (especially the ones earlier in the night) but when I play the file back, there they are. I LOL at some of the comments I make as the image comes back in full clarity. Anyway, long story short — invest in a voice-activated recorder of some sort. iPod not included, my setup cost $17 — $14 for the mic and like, $3 for the app. Well worth it! You can decide where to take it from there. I just started to transcribe them into Journler (for Mac) or Evernote to organize my dreams. I anticipate amazing recall again shortly.

Interesting, I have quite opposite experience using voice recording. I have used it for some weeks, mostly I recall very little… First time when I was learning lucid dreaming, I had motivation to write my dreams and recalled much more. When writing I could recall just few things after wake up, but after writing them, I recalled much more. But when I use voice recording and say those few things, it usually doesn’t bring much new memories if anything at all. It seems that effort of writing and perhaps seeing things that have been written helps in recalling process.

I like writing because of it’s discreetness. Aside from the light, it’s very quiet. But the voice recorder has the amazing ability to (besides from talking) keep you very still, which has generally been key to my dream recall.

I have to agree here as well. It’s been a week and a half since I started rereading EWLD and my recall was coming back a lot slower than when I read EWLD the second time and wrote my dreams down. I was averaging 3-4 dreams per night with the voice recorder setup. Last night I recorded my dreams in a small journal that I tucked under my pillow and, along with a little auto-suggestion, I recorded 8 very vivid and long dreams (I couldn’t even write all the details in my dream journal on the comp in the morning, it took so long!) So, maybe it is the journal that makes all the difference. I have never recorded 8 dreams in one night though, not the length and detail as last night anyway. My big tip is auto-suggestion. Maybe you’re susceptible to it as well. I waited until I was experiencing hypnogagia until I did my autosuggestions, and it seemed more effective than ever. I made sure to relax, scanning my body for tense areas over and over. Once I noticed a muscle twitch (mouth, eyes, toe, finger, just small twitches) this is a good sign of sleep onset, and I would do my autosuggestion saying

I would do this five or six times and then forget it. I would start envisioning my own dream, then drift to sleep. I woke up flawlessly after every sleep cycle and was able to jot down just some key points. I’d then relax again, wait until I felt I was drifting off or twitched, and repeat. Once I read the points in the morning it all came back to me. Give it a shot and let me know if autosuggesting during hypnogogia helps out. (On a side note, I also had my 3rd LD since starting EWLD!)

Here’s what I did to reduce the light. I went and looked for an LED light and finally found one at Walmart that would stay on if you pressed it once, then shut off by pressing it again (all the others I could find you have to hold the button down.) I fastened it to my pen. I use a clicky pen so that I don’t have to use both hands or much brain power messing with the lid then trying to find it to cap it again (you don’t want ink leaks all over!) I jot down my notes, and when I’m done, click the light, then click the pen, stash under my pillow, then go back to bed. The fabric on the light is to reduce the light even more as I found it was still too bright at night. Works like a charm this li’l rig.