Dream Recording Device

I wonder if they will ever come out with a device that could record you dreams and you could watch them when you wake up. That would be to best. I have had many amazing dreams that I can only remember a few parts of, and it would be great to be able to watch them without missing any bits and peices. How would they do it though? I guess they could use your brain waves or something and extract the ones that have to do with the images you are seeing. Kind of like an antania picks up radio waves and creates a picture from them. I am sure there many brainwaves …waving… :huh: … around in your head and some of those must have something to do with the images you’re seeing.

I don’t think it will be possible for a very long time. People could have the same electromagnetic fields active and be having different dreams. So, before dreams could be recorded, we would have to be able to make a perfect model of the human brain (very far away).

I don’t think the brain produces a continous video when we dreams, its more like that it makes images out of assosciations, so that it doesn’t make a clear and complete image of the thing, it only makes the most important details for us to recognise the thing. But when we’re perceving the dream, we unconsisously ‘fills in’ the rest of details so we can recognise the object like a complete thing. So I don’t think a DRD (Dream Recording Device) would make complete and stable videos, it would be more like a mess of uncompleted visuals and stuff.

But on the other side, what I am saying is maybe pretty much like the “God didn’t make people for flying” before planes were invented :shy: So I must admit that it maybe will be possible in a distance future.

It may be possible if rather than displaying it through a screen, you could display it back through you’re brain, relive the dream. the device might help you feel the same things you felt when you dreamt it, maybe even become lucid.

Alex, that would make a lot more sense. If cemi-field theory is right, all you would have to do is record and recreate the electromagnetic fields of your mind durning the dream… Scary- perfect mind-control.

Let me continue on your theory kncdonald if I can :grin: Lets presume that we could connect our brains to a device which could ‘read’ through all memories and assosciations and save them into a format it could use… Then it could use them as a base to play ‘experiences’ into our minds by firing excatly the right assosciations in our brains. It would maybe the best hi-tec way of entertainment ever, but also,as you said, the scariest way of controlling the mind :bored:

Yes, lucidityx1000, that is what I was saying.

Yes but like it was defined, you could only use it to play your own dreams. I extended the definition so that it could be used to mass ‘videos’ like we do with VCRs today :grin: Maybe it’s time for someone to invent it soon…

I don´t have a link right now,but they did something a bit similiar:

They put sensors on the head of someone who was in trance,meditation or under psychedelic drugs.Then they build a helmet which can create what the sensors have received.Volunteers who tested the helmet freaked out,they reported that they had seen god,or satan,or things like that.

I hope these infos are right,if someone knows more about it he should feel free to correct me…


This topic reminds me of the film ‘Minority Report’ where they have people who experience visions future events. These visions are recorded.
Anyone else seen this?
I think it would be great to be able to record and play back every dream you have. I don’t know how you could get a device to do this though.

If you could record dreams, as a matter of fact, wouldn’t it be so much cooler to play it back as it was when it happened as opposed to a television or something, anyway? :content:

Dreams are perfectly smooth video. I once had a lucid dream about an object rotating (yeah, exciting dream… but just listen)… it was so smooth it amazed me since I previously thought that images were stitched together to form a story. Also, I discovered I dream in color when I had a non lucid dream of going into an old attic and finding a bunch of different colored lamps…

I posted this about a month ago, but it belongs under this topic…

Another idea I had is to place 16 electrodes or so in a circle around your eye, then periodically check the potential difference between every combination of electrodes. This wouldn’t work with REM sleep (or at least it’d be more difficult), but if there’s some form of electric feedback into the eyes during dreams, you might be able to reconstitute a black and white image from the data… I was thinking 16 layers would be produced, by drawing shaded triangles between a starting point for each layer, and every other point on the electrode rim. The layers would then be blended together to form a final, composite image. I don’t know if the potential levels would actually correspond to the dream shapes one is seeing, but it might be fun to try. If they do, reconstitution should be possible (though the blurriness of the result would depend on the number of electrodes used).

Dunlar, I also thought of your idea when I first read this topic title, but I am pretty sure that there is no electrical feedback from your eyes. However, if there is, it seems an extremely viable solution.

Dunlar, I don’t think it will work.

The images are produced in your brain, not with your eyes. Your eyes also don’t follow the contours of an image they just take ‘pictures’ of your focus. So reconstructing an image will not be possible, you just have some data about your eye movements.

Could be still interesting data… :gni:

I don’t know if eye-movements in non-lucid dreams are the same as the eye-movements you would make when you would see the same IRL. I don’t think so, but maybe somebody else has more knowledge about this. This would be hard to research…

wouldnt this be similar to minority report? and that was made for 2054, man i hope that by then we can read our minds.

The eye movements in lucid dreams are the same as those in real life.Of course, if you see the same object in a lucid dream as opposed to real life, you may have a different perspective. As you probably know, LaBerge used eye movements to do tests in lucid dreams. The way your eyes move in your lucid dream causes your eyes to move IRL.

I know that. :smile:
My question was about the the non-lucid dreams…

I don’t think it’ll work either, but if we think of a hundred different ideas, each of which probably won’t work, there’s a good chance that one of them will… I wasn’t thinking of tracing contours of objects using eye movements, so that might be another idea… My idea would need there to be an image painted on the retina, which would then be sampled in arbitrary scanlines across the eye. For it to work in a dream, there would have to be some sort of feedback into the eyes (which may not happen, but I wouldn’t be sure until I tried… Our bodies do strange things… Why do eyes twitch in REM anyway? Feedback? You never know…).

So what are your ideas?

Please be careful what you wish for…