Dream Religion

i have recently, completely thrown all of my past religion out the window. i was a christian and believed in a God in the likeliness of a thinking human, but not any more. but i have come to the realization that there is only one truly universal trait to every person (and some animals) and that is: we all dream. so is there already an established faith based on the philosophy of dreams and the act of dreaming or is it necessary that i should venture out on my own and forge my own path. :happy:

I recently stopped following the Christian way too. But I think dreams aren’t really something that you could form a religion from. I mean, yeah, everybody dreams … but everybody also eats. Eating is hardly something that could replace a religion like Christianity. Dreaming is no different. It would be cool if dreaming was a religion, but I don’t know what it would be based off of. Anyway, good luck forgeing :cheesy:

that is true but there is also a difference between eating and dreaming. eating is a physical action but dreaming is mental (or maybe spiritual). that is what i’m trying to get at. there are alot of people who believe that when they die they just go to sleep for eternity. i think it would be a little more elaborate. maybe the afterlife is just like a dream and when it happens you don’t know whether your still alive or not. you wouldn’t even think about it nor would you know how to recognize the afterlife. that is why i found lucid dreaming particularly interesting. it could be a way of recognizing the afterlife and being able to turn it into your own little ( or big) “heaven.” that’s really all i have to say for now. what do you think? :happy:

Its a good hypothesis, but thats about all that can be said about any theory on the subject. I also recently abandoned christianity, when I rid myself ignorance. I feel a completely natural spiritual sensation associated with dreaming, meditation, and psychedelic drugs; I could see how they could be some sort of window into what is to come.

Yeah, I stopped following my religion’s strict beliefs and start to be open mind on all subjects. Lucid dreaming is like a spiritual path for me. Indeed, you can say that I’m spiritual. :smile:

OBEs also offer me a good glimpse of what’s out there. :wink:

Yeah, maybe your theory is true, and you’re already dead, and this is all a dream world. You’ve figured it out, and woken up from it, but there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Because you’re dead, trapped in your own head for eternity! Mwa haha!

Ahem Maybe you’re right, and I’m being to quick to talk. I’d like to hear more on your religion idea, it sounds interesting.

I don’t like the dreaming religion idea. A religion is based on a given set of thoughts and ideas, and a religion would probably make the members narrow-mined in stead for open to new thoughts and ideas. So no dream religion for me, please :confused:

Yeah, I agree that religion can cause people to be narrow minded. I just wish that people can be more open minded, but they refuse because they believe that what we’re doing is some kind of black magick or that it is devil’s way to snare us, which is completely untrue.

As long as we’re opened mind, religion is fine to be involved with… as long it’s not going to shut off your opened mind and turn you into a narrow minded person. I probably am not making any senses, but I hope you know what I’m saying.

I see perfectly what you mean :smile:

There is a religion devoted to dreaming. Look into aboriginal culture. (Aborigines are native australians, just as indians are native americans, if you were wondering)

Imagine, I have tought of this whole “this is all a dream world and were trapped in our own minds” idea, hell I lived it for a while. It could be true, but there is a way out. Through God. Look into christianity a bit more. Plus, if you get into those states where you think this is a dreamworld, as I used to do, observe the world around you. The outside world becomes irrelivent; it is nothing but a dreamworld. Your friends and family diminish, and you get the sense that the friends you hang out with have always been your friends through all eternity and always will be your friends through all eternity. You forget you will grow old and die. Speaking of dying, it wouldn’t bother you in the least bit if you killed yourself. Hell, what difference would it make, right? And killing yourself is exactly what the bible says is the same as giving yourself to the devil. Interesting, isn’t it?

Taking Lucid dreaming and putting the idea of it into waking life is just plain strange. It makes you crazy more than it does any good. All of a sudden you know all of what life is and what it will always be. No one knows what life is. No one knows what happens when you die. And once you start thinking you do, hell, that’s called insanity.

And the whole “christians should be open-minded” idea is completly true. If your being narrow-minded, how can you be following Jesus’ message?

P.S. Imagine: did you ever think maybe your not trapped in your own mind and your own dreamworld but maybe your in someone else’s mind and someone else’s dreamworld?

The bible is not the word of ‘God’ because it is flawed in many ways.

Yeah, actually I think there’s a post somewhere around here of me arguing on the point that we could all be trapped in someone elses dreamworld. As for your talk on that whole state of mind thing, I know exactly what you’re talking about. I know exactly what it feels to know that you could kill yourself and it would never matter. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a suicide threat or anything. Just saying, I know every word of what you were talking about.

Religion is for sheep. :content:

You could always look into Tibetan Dream Yoga for a more spiritual perspective on lucid dreaming. Buddhists have been practicing conscious dreaming for thousands of years before the West even knew about it. To Buddhists, becoming lucid is just the first step and can be used to work towards enlightenment. Apparently you can use it to prepare for the bardo (inbetween) states after “death” because they are very similar states.

I have a book on it called “Dream Yoga and the Practice of Natural Light” which I read many years ago and can’t remember much of now. It’s quite deep though - full of much Buddhist terminology - and I remember finding parts of it difficult to believe due to my very skeptical/atheistic way of thinking. (Which I still have - I don’t believe OOBEs are real out-of-body eperiences for example but perfectly explainable as being generated in the mind. They’re a form of lucid dream to me.) I’ve taken it off my shelf again and shall read through it later tonight.

Oh, found another interesting book called “Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep”. Here’s the description:

"This book gives detailed instructions for dream yoga, including foundational practices done during the day. In the Tibetan tradition, the ability to dream lucidly is not an end in itself, rather it provides an additional context in which one can engage in advanced and effective practices to achieve liberation. Dream yoga is followed by sleep yoga, also known as the yoga of clear light. It is a more advanced practice where the goal is to stay conscious during deep sleep, when the gross mind and senses cease to operate and subtle mind is actualised. Most Westerners do not even consider this depth of awareness a possibility, yet it is well known in Tibetan Buddhist and Bon traditions.

“If we cannot carry our practice into sleep”, the Bonpo lama Tenzin Wangyal writes, “if we lose ourselves every night, what chance do we have to be aware when death comes?”.

wisdom-books.com/ProductDeta … umber=7574

Wow, this sounds pretty interesting. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? :eh: All my LDs occur in a very light stage of sleep.

you really went THAT far into the thought of that all is a dream??! very intresting.

i dont think its wrong to be narrowminded. the most important thing is to be happy. and if ppl are happy when they think of all the wonders of god and not seeking an explination then fine, do that. some ppl are just not ment to see the world thru the eye of a scetptic. an example is one buisniss man here in the newspaper who never had thought much about life. he earned good money etc etc. one day he wanted some peace and went to cousrse on meditation and such. there he was exposed to ideas he wasnt ready for. he became mad and was put on a mental hospital.

Yeah, all people weren’t meant to walk the same path. What’s good for one person could cause devistation to another, as all people are in different stages of evolution and evolving at different rates. :alien:

It is said that when the student is ready, the Master will appear - which is why I think that forcing one’s own beliefs on another is so bad. But I’ve strayed off topic… :blush: