Dream researches in my lucid dream...

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Last night I became lucid shortly after a “too good to be true” moment happened. I decided to fly to another state. While I was flying I felt a force pulling me down in what looked like a park. I was upset as 2 persons (male and female) approched to me and wanted me to fill some data in what looked like a huge computer. I just wanted to get out of there so was not paying much attention to what they were saying, I know it had something to do with emails/internet and they trying to see if people can connect while and after dreaming. It was very real and for some reason I was not able to control them but was trying to get out of there I was so confused by the fact that they interrupted my flight,I didn’t wanted to cooperate, woke up shortly after. Now I regret not listening and cooperating to see what was going on.

Anyone here with a similar experience? Or heard of some kind of experiment, study going on?

A similar experience with shared dreaming or what?
If it was the shared dreaming, I believe I have been in the “lucid crossroads” even if they looked completely different from the ones described on net (the symbols were still there though).
Lucid crossroads are usually guarded by a male and a female (your case) so it’s very possible that that park was a real lucid crossroad :happy: . For me, there is only a man and I’m glad it is only one.
About DC’s that tries to connect you to other one’s dream I have only one, the blue guy guarding the lucid crossroads and he helped me more because I asked him to, not that he was really interested. I could not check if I had shared any of my dream experience with the person I wanted because, let’s say, we belong to different worlds.

do you know wehere I can get more information on the “lucy crossroads” or the guards? I think it may be them…

I got the information from here:
Those illustration are just formal, the idea is that you should meet all the symbols from there:

  • two persons very excited about your presence (don’t have to be blue, maybe they change to human-like because they don’t want to scare you);
  • the doors, can be green doors, can be holes etc.
  • the mirror, can be anything that reflects you, can be even the sky;
  • the freezing water, in a park can come mostly from a fountain.
    Anything else is relative, you may see it or not in your dreams, depends on how you have made your own crossroad.

Thanks for the info, I found the “Big Lucid Crossroads” topic here as well. In the site you mentioned, there’s a picture of the place from the sky, it looked like that when I was been dragged down, but when I was there it looked like night time, and like I was surrounded by more than one tree (like the one in the pictures) I don’t recall if the 2 guards were blue but they were wearing a grey/metallic suit.

So weird if it was actually the crossroad as I have never heard of it, very interesting and I hope to make my way there again soon.

In the few times I’ve been there, in my crossroads there was also in the evening, late evening, almost night. Actually, my lucid crossroad is in a school with neverending halls.
Many people have experienced the lucid crossroads before they actually found out about them. In my case, I’ve been there for the first time when I was 6 years-old. Back then I had no idea even about being lucid, but I was using this school because I felt I was safe in there, even if I haven’t had the curiosity to open the doors, just haunting the halls. I’ve been there again a few weeks ago, after so many years, and I realised that is more than a special place when suddenly all the doors opened leading to unknown, different places and tried to find more about about it and found that site I gave you. The guardian of it I have met in another dream, but very close to that place, and it was a dream from the same night.

wow that sound really interesting Valarys, Im checking it now. And it seems very related to zaret’s experience

Just an input, I had a similar sensation of being dragged down when I was in a LD, I was flying and thought I wanna fly to the moon…I flied further and further out in space, but the farer I got the more I was being pulled back, I got pulled back but got my balance and continue pushing out, then just snap, I awoke and pushed myself out of my body and had my first OBE :wink:
This pulling sensation could be related to this…or not :wink: