Dream Ring/Coin

I have this simple, flat black ring that I wear all the time and every hour, I take it off and spin it on a flat surface. While it’s spinning, I suddenly lower my palm down on it and I say “Reality Check!” then with my palm still on it, I then say “If this is a dream, when I lift my hand, my ring will be my dream ring.”
For me, in a dream, my ring would’ve changed to a blood-red color (the color i visualize it to be) then I know I’m dreaming and I become lucid.
But in real life, it would be the same dull black :content:
&It doesn’t have to be a ring. It could be a coin too. Anything that’s smaller than your palm and that spins i guess…
You could even make it transform into a black butterfly or something else if you want
that’s what I used to do… but sometimes I wouldn’t visualize it correctly and it would come out deformed :shy:
could possibly lead to a nightmare so be careful >.>

i just stick to the simple change of color haha

So this is just a method that works with me quite a lot…
Just thought I’d share it…
I got the idea from Inception haha

Hey Quinn, I can see how inception led you to this. :razz:

I think that that should work, but I also think that it will take away some dream time trying to perform every time. You might find it more simple to have a mental RC as a primary RC and that as a secondary in case the first one fails.

This is just my opinion though. It might take less time then I am thinking, or you might be able to do it faster than I am thinking. :happy: