Dream Scenes - could they exist somewhere?

Recently I went on holiday to Kenya, which involved a lot of travelling. As we drove through different parts of the country I noticed that a lot of it looked familiar, like dreams that I had been in before, and it even reminded me of dreams I had forgotten. I think I saw around 4 scenes from my dreams within a few days which was quite strange.

So my question to you is - have you ever been in a place which you’ve only ever seen before in your dreams? Don’t post that you’ve dreamt about yourself in your house or something (…only to wake up there!), I’m talking about places which you saw in your dream FIRST and then visited. Or is it just me?

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Interesting question! For me, I have had the same, but i think it was more precog, because i was so looking forward to being in that place (hawaii), i incubated a dream on it. In the dream i walked through a street, and i distinctively remembered the smell of the humid air. A few months later when we were actually there, we walked from the busstop to the place we stayed, and the smell, the street, the location, everything hit me, right the same like in that dream.

Well, I can relate to that generally–speaking. I bet, for example, that if I ever go to a desert I’ll have a lot of examples to give you.

But if you ask me about a specific dreamstage that I found out to be a real life location, no, I actually can’t relate to that.

I hope they exist somewhere, or in the near future. Some of the forests and towns i visit are so amazing :smile:

on one hand, no. your brain just created something and it was a coincidence it looked like it. on the other hand, there is a lot of world and a lot of universe out there, so maybe.

this goes to deja vu. if you get that feeling maybe it was from a dream.

Your story reminds me of The Neverending Story(by Michael Ende) When Bastion goes to the mines of forgotten dreams and has to find a scene in the mine from one of his forgotten dreams…omg I am completely obssesed with that book!:slight_smile:

I get dream deja vu all the time. It’s really creepy because I don’t believe in being able to see the future :tongue: Unfortunately, it’s all rather boring…no dreamtrips to Kenya for me! But for me it’s not just a place, but an entire situation. One dream was about an exam in spanish class, the shape and smell of the room, knowing all the people in the class and how they relate to each other, and my pencil falling off the desk at a certain angle. This was before I ever even thought about taking a spanish class and then years later, the situation happened. One of my math teachers had similar experiences.

According to this nifty video, you are right, all your dream scenes exist somewhere out there in the ninth dimension.


haha wicked (even though i didnt watch it lol)

anyway i had a dream between one and two weeks ago, when i was lost down a country road (probably walking). It turned out to be a road i went along a week later, that i didnt remember (except of course from my dream)

No. Quite frankly, most of my dream scenes are probably impossible in the real world. So it might be just you. :razz:

Yes, I use to have a similar experiences as a child. Very rarely do I experience dream scenes now though. Damn vivid childhood-ness. :razz:

Whenever I have a feeling of deja vu, like I’m walking around in a new town, city, street, etc., I always use to chalk it up to dream. The dreams themselves were very short and not useful at all. But I would be looking at the same direction in real life as I would in the dream, everything would be the same. Deja vu is creepy sometimes.

This is why I believe in the possibility of prophetic dreams.

On the topic, a funny thing happened to me once. I dreamt about a shopping mall in which I had a job, but it wasn’t a place I’d ever been too IRL. Anyway, in the dream, I went through a path to work, but noticed there were other ways to the mall, even though I didn’t check them. It didn’t call my attention, really, as I usually see this kind of stuff in my dreams.

Now jump to some months later…

I dream I’m with my brother, driving along in a ghetto-ish part of the city. After a few narrow streets, we end up… in front of the shopping mall from the other dream. Except, this time, I was getting out of the path I didn’t come throught before. It actually made sense, but again, the place doesn’t exist, I guess.

That makes me wonder: What if that is a real place I somehow visit in my dreams? I mean, I wasn’t even thinking about the first dream when I dreamt the “continuation”… funny, eh?

It happends often.i found that locations from my dreams seen later in real life are not the same.but the deja vu feeling reminds me of a dream i forgot.maybe there is no conection but it is great to recall a forgotten dream…

Castaneda says, basically, there are your usual dreams, while staying lucid in them you collect energy for going one step further. When you have enough energy - you are like a TV, with most of your time you’re (and everyone else) are tuned to one channel only - this world, and while you’re sleeping your energy body can switch the channels with ease, since it doesnt have to lug your physical body around.
Stuff like that.

Happened to me quite a few times, I see something in my dreams, then I visit the place and I say to myself “Wait a moment” I definately felt that way when I visited the Louvre in Paris, France. It kind of scared me. Anywho, I hope some more of my dreamscapes exhist in real life. They are truely breathtaking… :smile: