Dream Sign Help

Okay ive been trying to lucid dream now for 3 weeks and i have been logging them in my journal every night between 1-3 dreams a night i’ve been over them all twice now and i dont seem to get any common theme to my dreams. ive had things happen twice for exapmle ive been fighting in the WWE twice in a dream and ive been in a video game twice. but is twice enough for me to consider these dream signs or would they have to happen more. i normally dream about things not to much out of the ordanary like playing football or playing video games, ive never done anything like fly in a dream so its hard for me to notice im dreaming when the weirdest dream i had was me time travelling in 1950’s america (i live in the UK)

What im asking is how many times sould something happen before i consider it my dream sign?

Thanks agian for reading

Instead of trying to find something within your dream for a DS (Dream Sign) you should pick something IRL instead. My dad is my DS and this is what I mean: everytime I see my dad I do a RC because I made him my DS or SG rather…then when I see him in a dream I do a RC automatically. You can do this with a color as I’ve previously stated in a thread about four years ago…hahaha :happy: At any rate… If you have any more specific questions, I’d love to try to answer them!

Edit: Picking a color for your DS may become repetitive :grin:

I find it’s a bit hard to say. When I started out writing down my dreams and looking for dream signs, I made a list. But after a few months or even years I realized that there were some DS that were temporary (I used to have lots of Harry Potter dreams, for example, but haven’t in a long time). So after a while you’ll see there are dream signs that appear a lot more than others…

I guess the bottom line is it can take a while for you to see what really can be used as a DS. I suggest making a list and counting them, that’s what I did. And give it time, you’ll find them soon enough :wink:

I’d say that if it appears in your dreams more than 5 times, it’s a dream sign. However, dream signs constantly change (from my experience) so I find them useless for inducing lucid dreams. I’ve never used dream signs for achieving lucidity, only for mere amusement. Just bear in mind that everyone is different so no one can spoonfeed you. :tongue:

@Redifin i like this idea im going to try this out

Dreamsigns are always there, by definition the dreamsign is anything that shows you that you are dreaming like odd places,people, actions, form of objects, you or someone. You need to focus on dreamsign category rather on only one, example if often you dream of places that look different IRL you should ask yourself is this place like it should be IRL? same for your odd actions or situations in dreams. The dreamsign guide will be published soon, but till then try to find most occurring type of dreasigns, not only one that you may think that is reocurring.


I had this same problem too but then I realized I could take a “simple” DS such as being outdoors. There’s like 9/10 chance I’m outdoors when I’m dreaming even if I don’t go outside often IRL. Every time I find myself outdoors, I do a RC.

@Ryan- Thanks, I’m glad I coulda helpted ^^

I want to develop a reliable DS that can be practiced IRL and be made a habit. For example: I know looking at a clock twice to see if the has changed dramatically can tell you that you are dreaming. Do you know of any other simple DS ideas that I can practice to help my becoming lucid? (I’ve also heard of looking through doorways twice and trying to push your fingers through your palm)

A question to reality checkers! :tongue:
I seem to have an attitude problem with RC’s… I like lucid dreaming practices that not only help me achieving LD’s but also help me somehow in my waking life. And I see RC’s as a “waste of my waking time”, because I can only see the purpose they have in my dream life! That’s because I have difficulties taking a reality check seriously enough since I already know I’m awake!!

So my question is: How do you manage to Really, Deeply question the fact that you are awake since you know you are not dreaming?

Thanks to all

When I RC I also ask myself what I did 15/30/60 minutes ago. Also when I encounter something odd when awake, I count my fingers just to be sure, even if I know I’m awake. I find that it doesn’t matter. You can be 100% sure you are awake but if you still do the RC it will eventually happen in your dream. I saw dream characters teleport in a dream and just casually counted my fingers. Just seeing my hand makes me lucid it seems, but I did have seven fingers in my left hand.

Try recalling what you did before to increase your recall and memory. This way you benefit in your waking life too, if normal RC’s seem like a waste of time. I never had that attitude though.