Dream sign that can be used..

Hey guys, for quite sometime almost all of my dreams have included a special little boy named Alex. he’s very close to me but i dont get to see him only until summer

i was wondering, since i see him SOO much in my dreams, can i use that in the MILD or any other technique in some way? :tongue:

You could use this to have DILD, but it’s hard because you can’t use seeing the boy in real life as a trigger to reality check if he doesn’t exist in real life. I would probably spend some time setting your intention to realise you’re dreaming next time you see him and also visualise yourself becoming lucid while seeing him. This is pretty much what a MILD is anyway, so yeah go for it!

Also some other people have mentioned DC induced lucid dreams, which I guess means they ask their DC’s to remind them they’re dreaming, so you could try that too. I haven’t tried it but it could work I guess…

I would say yes, absolutely. It would be like a MILD + Dream Incubation, you set your intention to recognize your dreaming and visualize yourself entering a dream with this boy.