dream sign

i think i spoted a dream sign.but i am not sure what to do about it.
since i started keeping a dream journal there is no dream with out shcool.realy
none of my 12 dreams i have written that dont includes school. :bored:
its kind boring but i think that its a very strong dream sign for me.so what shoud i do about it.

Do a RC whenever you think/see anything associated to school. Since you go to school almost everyday, it is quite easy to make a habit of doing RC’s whenever you enter school.

yes i know that.but i remember reading about raising my awarness whil al at school .how can i do that and where can i find a topic about it.

I think you’re talking about Lucid Living (LL) or All Day Awareness (ADA).

There’s a Lucid Living Topic here and a topic about All Day Awareness can be found here.

If you tend to let your thoughts wander around during a boring school lesson, Lucid DayDreaming (LDD) is made for you. :wink: Click

Hope this is what you’re looking for. :smile: