All Day Awareness Technique (ADA)

I was searching lucid dreams on google and i came across dreamviews, which is a website many of you will know, however i came across a tutorial that sounds amazing and could help beginners who are struggling, this is the link for the tutorial

Tutorial for beginners.

Thank you so much! :happy: I’ve been looking for a straight forward technique for awareness forever.

Interesting technique. I’ll be doing it from now on. Hopefully, it will result in a few DILD’s soon.

Hopefully now I’ll notice that people don’t park cars on their ROOF.

This is a very interesting method, and many people use it, i came across dreamviews with that too, and i searched in LD4all and was surprised there is very few about Lucid Living and ADA, or maybe i didn’t searched well? I can’t lucid dream yet(had a few experiences but not self-initiated) but i will try this technique as my first technique

Thats 8 planned sessions a day form now on.

looks like a good technique, logical at one end, bountiful at the other.
i think ill join the site too, it also looks good and i might find some extended knowledge/advice.

This is a great technique ive been using this for a few weeks and its one of the only things that helps me become lucid.

[center]I’ve been using a similar technique but doesn’t need to maintain your awareness through all day… [/center] :wink:

[center]Sporadic Awareness Technique - Puffin

Anyone who’s interested in ADA should have a look at this article. It really is one of the most inspiring for keeping up awareness to LD :content:

[The Secret of Frequent Lucid Dreamers)

Wow, this looks like a great technique to try! I havn’t had an LD yet, but I’ll try this technique!

One of the best techniques for long term lucidity; however, is a little bit hard to achieve complete awareness during your real life and your dreams. Nonetheless, there is nothing practice can’t do.

I often role-play with myself during waking life and pretend that real life is a dream, and that it could collapse at any moment if I lose self-awareness.
Great motivation for staying aware and using stabilization techniques. :cool: