Dream Symbols.

I was just curious as to what types of symbols you see in your dreams. So, next time you’re lucid, double take some text until the text is unrecognizable as normal ‘your language’ text, then try to remember them and then draw them when you wake up (on the computer or on paper then scan). Then post them here. I’ll start in my next post…

OKay, these are just some symbols I remember seeing from my LD last night…

Your avatar = flying rock. :tongue: The rest remind me of smiley faces. But I don’t think I’ve ever dreamed of symbols before, really.

@Chilla: I saw some of these symbols in antropology classes (actually, history classes about antropology). Brazillian indians draw patterns like these on the—darn, I forget the name—you know, that rituals in which a boy becomes a man. You know what I mean?

Hope this helps.

Actually, this one does look quite similar to a character used in Japanese (originally from Chinese) for water/liquid, except that the lower horizontal-ish line faces in the opposite direction. It’s quite common, and you see it a lot in characters to with water, like sake (alcohol) and umi (sea). So I wonder if your dream had something to do with water - you might have associated this character with it.

I’ve just dreamt about being a symbol. :razz:

Hmm neat. But no one else has any symbols of their own?

I have some, wait a moment, I’ll draw them on the Gimp.

Edit—here we go:

I see this all the time in my dreams.

I also see a lot of things written in Arabic–like and Cyrillic scripts.

There also used to be a Soul Collector in my dreams who would write in a block script similar to Japanese kanji, only it was some sort of weird alphabet.

Hmm, neat. All mine look very japanese-y…

how do you see the symbols exactly? written somewhere, or just flying about or? I’m curious how they appear to you.

ooo i just remembered i have to scan that japanese character from the spongebob box :grin: goes scan

edit: here it is :smile:

it is only one symbol but i had trouble drawing it. I think the left one resembled it most :smile:

and then I have the cropcircle image:

this was also a symbol:

@ bruno (i’m precognitive, i know what you are going to post below this post :tongue: ) wow, that’s so cool. I remember that I used to dream about strange languages as well. It is as if those dreams have disappeared or I just stopped paying attention.

In your skin even. You might want to set it as a tattoo IRL?

Mine appears everywhere: printed in books, on the wall, in my clothes, in my skin…

pasQuale, I sent you that PM about the symbols and their meanings… both of them do resemble actual Japanese characters, though one is back to front and the other minus the line.

I wonder if there are any corresponding DS. Example, I have the same exact dream symbol as somebody else…

There’s bound to be someone else out of the six billion people on earth who dreams of the same symbol eventually, look at it that way! :razz: