Dream Task: Find the picture

Hi everybody,

I would like to propose a lucid quest, a game if you will. You can try this right this night. Even if you dont have a lucid dream, you can try to incubate a normal dream in order to achieve the objective.

The goal is to find out, in your dreams, a picture that I randomly choose from internet. I have a picture, that I already shared with Moggle, a Moderator here in the forums. He will be like a reliable source so you can know that I will not “cheat” the image…when you start this game you will know that there is already a real picture, a real goal; thats why Moggle has the picture.

So, has I said, you will have a Lucid Dream where you will try to discover wich one is the picture. Then you will describe here the dream wich you think was about the picture. Next week, 25 of October for example, I will post the picture and each one will check how far or how close was to find it in his/her own dreams. Of course that we are assuming that our mind has the ability to search for unknown information in ways that science cannot conceive.

English is not my native tongue. I hope that the task was clear enough.

This sounds interesting! As the current host of the LC I’m having a bit of a dry spell so this could spice things up! :cool: I would like to participate in this experiment.

You are welcome :smile:

If you want you can post, as soon as you want, the description of the picture. Go dream and then come back to post what you saw :wink:

Haha I like it, will make it my next Goal, once I have achieved my Personal Goal for the current LC :smile:

This sounds fascinating! I will have to give this a try and let’s try to get as many people as we can to participate.

Is this task still active? I’ll take a shot at it if it is. <- Is that too many 2 letter words in a row for one sentence?

Even though WildElephant hasn’t visited since October … I do have the picture in my private messages. So I will be able to tell you if you get it in a dream.

Will do. So just to make sure I got this right I dream or lucid dream and look for a picture. When I wake I drop in here and describe the picture. And you’ll yea or nay me. Correct?

yes. I will also look at the picture quite often which may help.