Dream Time

Does dream time feel longer then it actually is? For example, if you were lucidly dreaming for 12 minutes, could it feel like days or even weeks? Do you know of anybody having dreams over a week?

Yes, I have experienced that before. One time it felt like I have been dreaming all my life… I even miss all of my DC’s that I met in my “dream life.” When I woke up, I was first confused, but then I realized that it all was just a dream. It was weird… really weird, but I really love it! :biggrin:

Nothing is impossible. :wink:

wow. that sounds cool. What was your life like in your dream? Was there anything you did to bring it on, or did it just happen?

I’ve had those too.
Mine only felt like a week or so.
It seemed like everyday life with small odd things going on.
I would like to have more though.

It just happened… but I also have induced it by an accident with hypnosis. Making senses? :wink:

Yup, it is cool… but you might find yourself missing those DC’s and you might find yourself having hard time telling which is your real memory or not. Eventually in few hours to few days, you begin to realize the difference between real memory and fake memory. Sounds funny, but that’s what happened to me. :tongue:

Good luck! :biggrin:

Wow, that sounds like an amazing experience :wow: . As a kid I use to dream of these huge worlds with mystery and full of life and those memories still stick with me but I never experienced something like that. Was it kinda like the Matrix where what you thought was real was just a dream and now you live in the “real world”? :tongue:

I definitely know that dreams can feel like they last a lot longer then they possible could in real life. But whether or not dream-time is somehow different then real-time is a different story.

Truthfully I don’t know the answer, but it’s definitely interesting to think about.


My dreams are always long and like that. I actuall yhave dreams that seem like a life time. Or even a year :cool_laugh: I actually label these dream myself as a epic dream, it starts off as a normal level of living, and then it just turns into adventure or an escapade. I would hit lucid, but i always think its my real ife, when i have these type of dreams, or any dream at all. Good thread, dream time is odd :bored:

I have never had a very long LD, but have had normal dreams that feelt like lasted for days… I think those dreams include alot of false memories.

btw very nice avatar ypm! is it Tux?

Laberge says you can have a dream that lasts lifetimes…

It’s like a stage trick, he says, by changing a scene many hours can pass…

Which is why I think it’s misleading for people to use the word “lasts”.

The events of “The Matrix” take place over many days but if you were going to watch it on video and someone asked you how long the film lasts, you wouldn’t say “Maybe about a week”.

Often I’ve seen people claim dreams that “lasted” many hours, days, or weeks, but then after being questioned it’s turned out that the dream simply jumped ahead at certain points. So I think that using the word “lasts” can often give a false impression of how long these things can, you know, last.

Thanks, yes it is Tux. Which brings me to your avatar, which is equally as interesting…


Which is why Laberge calls it a stage trick, no?


Its kinda of like trippy i guess, or 2001 Space Odyssey. When all the planets aligned up, this person went into a weird dimension, and time passed as life time would pass, when he saw himself. He looked across the room, and it was himself, but older, then they show the older one looking at someone else across the room, and he was even older it was the same character but it move so slow, yet the movie expressed 3 periods of a lifetime, very weird :tongue:

A bit off topic, but what Hubbs just said reminds me of the Red Dwarf Episode I just watched - as the Red Dwarf passed through the speed of light, Lister and the others begin to see ‘future echoes’. They saw future versions of themsevles carrying out conversations which they will have/had in the future. Very amusing.

Never heard of it, is it a movie? Is that the title too? Sounds cool :content:

There’s another one when they find a ‘leak’ in reality (wonder if we could find one in our LD’s), and go through it and find themselves in a men’s public toilets.

The thing is they are actually a number of years in the past, and they get the chance to try to change their past to avoid the accident which led to one of the crew members becoming a hologram (before ST Voyager!) and the cat actually having a descendant which is evolved into something semi-human!
The other guy (the name escapes me now) tried to get a girl to marry him in his past because he found a photo of his wedding, but it turns out that a future version of himself went back to this same past and married the girl before him! I think this episode can give a headache and it’s only after seeing it twice that it begins to make sense to me! But it’s outrageously funny.

Yeah, it’s a really cool series - just got the DVD of the first series. To sum it up it’s about a man marooned on a mining ship (called the Red Dwarf). He ends up in stasis for 3 million years whilst the ship has a radiation leak which wipes out the crew. When he comes out of stasis, his only company is a man who evolved from a cat (Cat), a hologram of a really obnoxious officer (Rimmer), and a computer called Holly who has an IQ of 6000!

If you like the sort of humour, it is hilarious!

Rimmer is played by the same actor who plays Mr Brittas of The Brittas Empire, Chris Barrie.