Dream Timer for Mobile Phone

If you want to use DreamTimer, please consider downloading the latest version: 0.5.3, below:

My apologies about related software or wrong posting.

I wanted a timer for LD/OBE inducement, similar to the one found on lucidology,
for low-end cell phones supporting CLDC MIDLet/J2ME.

Android phones should be able to run it (additional software may be needed).

IPhones and others should not, sorry!

There is other similar application for this platform, however it does not seem to support different intervals/ramps definitions.


*Complete interval definition; you can define more than 15 (since Release 1);
*You can set how many times the alarm rings (from 0 to 999 times) (since Release 1);
*Choose between 3 execution types: single, repeat all and repeat last (since Release 1);
*Three different Alarm Tones (since Release 1);
*Predefined Ramps (since Release 1).
*Volume, Tempo and Pitch control(since Release 2);
*Set your own Tone: select a midi, wave, mp3 or au file(since Release 2),
amr,amb,3gp(since Release 3);
*Cycle predefined tones (since Release 3);
*Random predefined tones (since Release 3);
*Vibration (since Release 4).
*Intervals and main settings auto save and load (since Release 5)

Note: Lite Version does not support file selection, for devices without file system.

Next Planned Features: more predefined tones, save last intervals;

Simple, functional and free.
I will be probably releasing it as open-source soon.

Download Links

Description Size Date MD5
Test Release 0.1
13399 02:02.33 2010-12-21 bada62f4ed9b65dc300605c159216e51
Test Release 0.2 Lite
22115 12:10.50 2010-12-234ab081eddd6088206100f17874eb56ac
Test Release 0.2
34015 12:17.06 2010-12-23 46cda33465765b239fd1fe05e4eb6859
Version 0.2 Lite
22078 12:37.22 2010-12-23 ab974b20aff61867cc4c896219c0cae2
Version 0.2
34060 12:36.44 2010-12-23 c4311af07ce068c16204be5e8ce8a1f2
Version 0.3 Lite
24040 16:08.18 2010-12-24 2f246861e47f94d9cca8417a31bdf897
Version 0.3
36302 16:09.25 2010-12-24 2ad29a9efa9a8daa33625d14711cd1b1
Version 0.4 Lite
25560 19:07.18 2010-12-24 74c61b8a3d0067c2b5e7b2efdfe2c9e5
Version 0.4
37940 19:06.33 2010-12-24 d22be857908e911f41ceb27fc2dc9d62
Version 0.5 Lite
28264 05:45.32 2011-05-07 be43a70b407a87d286a7bf39f5a4cd3a
Version 0.5
40757 05:46.12 2011-05-07 7c7671014a8f4ebbd818cbc564326682
Version 0.5.2 Lite
28534 20:28.47 2011-05-07 c83329812078bbd974cabd2b98a4de5c
Version 0.5.2
40945 20:29.04 2011-05-07 4b5ecdd85fee9980dd24c689fba24b48
28762 14:47.10 2011-05-24 015cabcd379451d99adf11dcabd0da3f
Version 0.5.3 lite
41070 14:45.47 2011-05-24 40fcdb8b76d75979929b9b1fcd17236d
Version 0.5.3

Known Open Issues:

*File format support is related to your device, this means not all formats are available in a given device.
*The App needs to completely load the file to avoid user confirmation during replays. This means loading a large file can crash the app. It is also related to your device memory capacity, so test it before using for real;
*If you don’t allow it to read a file when opening, it will close;
*In some devices, sound control cannot detect predefined settings by a midi file;
*Vibration may not work in all devices (compatibility issue), it has been related that some devices ignore it.
*TO DO: Saving Sound Settings and opened file.

Known Bugs (0.5.3)

  • None at the moment.

Post Comments/Suggestions/Bugs/Successes and critics here, PM me or send mail to Tggtt at chat4all.com

ps: It seems to work fine!

it needs further testing, be aware of bugs…

Best DreamTimer Tester: geekboy

Releases were moved to SourceForge.
Browse the project for more recent versions.

It seems interesting. I don’ really use timers other than my alarm clock for WBTB, but I’d be very interested to hear about your personal experiences with its success so far.

Sounds good, but the own alarm tone is vital, since everyone needs something different that feels pleasant and won’t wake them, thought make them aware :smile:. Wouldn’t a random alarm time function be good too? I can see myself being nervously waiting for it to ring.

I need it too, but just a silent beep that will tell me that I’m dreaming, but will not wake me up. I can’t sleep with my computer on, its too noisy.

EDIT: I have a LG KU990 Viewty.
EDIT2: And I need a DJ app with password for cell phone.

Thank you very much for your suggestion.
I can make an random alarm between predefined (easy to do) or by using completely random simple notes (not so easy).

I will make more predefined tones to use the first option, as random notes can be more frightening than a simple ring.

The use your own tone is quite complicated but worthy.
The following formats are probably going to be accepted:

However, content must be prefetched to avoid asking confirmation to read user files.
This means the file must be small enough.

I will update the plans now.

Edit: Hey Beat Doctor, I was writing this before I saw your post.
I do believe your phone runs my app correcly, just download the zip, there you will find LDT.jar and LDT.jad.
Use your phone application for computer to upload it to your cell phone if you have data cable.
If I had the file hosted in a http server, it would be possible to install it directly (you need internet connection on your phone to do this).

Now, about the DJ app, I have considered it as well, it could crypt DJ data and allow to export it to plain file, helping to post it to your online DJ. But, first, I need to finish some features of DreamTimer!

Don’t scare me! I was thinking about RC timer for mobile phones few days ago :bored:

But what I did was setting 5 minute timer and just RC when I felt vibrations in my pocket (Maybe you could add them- not everytime you can let a beep out). Reseting it was a pain in the ass though. So I just wrote RC next to my wristwatch…

Yes, setting a vibration would be nice. Every few minutes a vibe, it would help WILD awareness 100%.
Can you make an option like that?

Calm down, thar App already exists and is not mine.
LucidWeaver has RC’s timer, mine was intended to implement cycles timer, as found in lucidology. That other app doesn’t have a configurable cycles timer with independent intervals.

And yes, vibration is possible.

:happy: UPDATE: Release 4 is available! :content:

:partying_face: :beer: :adored: :dingy: :rc:

You can even use it as music player :music: (if the file is not too large).
I can now record a file using my phone and then play it as a new tone!

Status: I found out that vibration is way too easy to code.

Could you please upload it again? The download links for latest say file dont exist, Im very interested in this as I am one of those that dont have a flashy new mobile lol.

Last 2 versions reuploaded, except for lite versions (no one has ever needed them…)

Sorry if I’m doing this wrong – haven’t been on a forum before.
Dream Timer has been taken off the site. Is there any way i can get hold of it?
I have an old Nokia 6103 it might work on.

I’m terribly sorry for letting this project alone for months.

But today I have good news for you. Dreamtimer is now opensource and is hosted in sourceforge.

Dreamtimer on Sourceforge.net

I will be updating it there as soon as I find the oldest local repository, if I don’t find it… it doesn’t really matter, then I’ll commit the 0.4 and up.