How reliable is the dream clock?

Hello people, i was just wondering how reliable the dream clock was. I have had around 32 LD’s now with my longest being around an hour. Lately i had an idea to have a week long LD with me being in the forest and surviving without using any powers. (got the idea from The hunger games and minecraft :razz:) It would be awesome to be able to do that except i need to increase my time in the dream world.
And i have heard using the dream clock technique you can greatly increase and set the time you stay in the dream world. I was curious to how well this worked and hopefully help with my forest survival adventure :grin: -Thanks ;D

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I’ve never tried it myself, I havn’t had a lot of LD’s so not really sure. I never heard of anyone but sammich master WritersCube use it. I’d be really intrested to see how well it goes! Also that’s a really cool idea for a ld :happy: don’t let the wolfs eat you!

So far I’ve only read about Writerscube succesfully using it.Personally I’ve given it only one attempt, which pretty much failed.

i only tried it one time, but i woke up right after writing the time
just keep trying
p.s. i remember i read about someone else that used this method succesfully

:woo: Hello!!

So I haven’t personally tried this but I do have a great dream invention that I have been itching to try out. My idea is to have a door that leads to any world you want and also on the side of this door is this little time device. It looks like a combination lock and has a setting for minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years. Using this you would be able to alter your perception of time so that however long your dream is you can make it seem like years, months, weeks and so on and so forth. I imagine that it will take some practice however you do it. But next time you have a lucid dream, try it and let me know how it goes! :content:

I’m very curious about this… When I eventually have a lucid dream, I’d like to try this out. Since I have such a big to-do list, it seems like the only way to get a good chunk done at a time :happy:

Also, DreamerZero, the quote in your sig is from Idries Shah, who is (according to Stephen LaBerge) an “eminent Sufi teacher”. Weird, I just happened to open to the page of EWLD where that quote was 0_0

Very, very, very similar quote is in Waking Life, I don’t know if it’s Idries Shah quote but like I said it’s very, very, very similar. :grin:

Here’s the link!

i had a very long LD last night. During the middle of it i remembered trying to use the dream clock! So i dug in my pocket and i felt my phone ( i was expecting a clock?) i took out my phone and i guess i was ganna try and set a clock on it except all writings and everything were extrmemely distorted— i press 4 and like the letter m would come up CURSE DREAM ELECTRONICS!! :grrr: so anywho i need to think of an idea for the dream clock that doesnt consist of letters or numbers … HMMM

Maybe a dream clock with word command?

Just input and output :grin:

Are you talking about Tggtts’ DreamTimer ?

If so, then I suggest you do try it when you are really sleepy, or else, using it from being wide awake and going to sleep might cause you a sleepless night :tongue:.

lol i had a similar problem: i tried to find something to write on it for the dream clock, but on EVERYTHING i tried some letters and numbers were missing, so i spend half of the time of my longest LD ever trying to type the dreamtime and realtime :sigh:
and the time after that i could write the time, but i woke up right after that :grrr:
maybe my SC doesn’t want me to use it :sad: (is this even possible?)

Have you tried just grabbing a pen (or just using your finger) and writing it on a wall? It’s what I tried in one of my dreams where I tried to have an hour long dream. I think it extended my time but it didn’t make it an hour long, unfortunately…oh well, I’ll have to try to make it work next time.

simple solution… create a DC that does it for you. Spin around and imagine being in an empty room with this person. Tell him or her to set the Dream Clock to (real time) equals (dream time). :razz:

Oh, and by the way, no it is not possible for your subconscious to do that. That would either mean, 1. You don’t want for it to work, (The subconscious works for you; it doesn’t have it’s own conscious.) 2. You don’t expect it to work. Not to mention, the part of your brain that reads becomes inactive while you sleep, so reading anything is very, very hard, if not impossible.

They work. Just need to be able to summon a dream clock which is actually pretty easy.

I did it for 2 hours once. I had a really long lucid dream, and it was pretty damn epic, but couldn’t remember all the details because of its length. At the end of writing it down I remembered that I used a dream clock.

What I don’t know is if your dream time goes faster than real life, or if it’s just your perspective. Be careful though, you should experiment with this first.