Dream to real world vortex

I have only recently become lucid. One thing i have been thinking about that is very outlandish, but as you can do anyting in your dreams maybe it is possible. It is opening a doorway between this world and the dream world, so you can bring stuff back from your dreams and move between them. If anyone who has been lucid dreaming for a while would like to try this I would be interested in what happened.

Neat idea…doh,how i wish it was possibile.
I thought that maybe asking your dream guide to leave the door for you ould be helpfull.Or a rope…or any kind of “phisical” contact.
Once im done with looking for my spirit guide ill surely have few favours to ask:)
take care

I wish it is possible! I have dreamt about objects that I really fell in love with and do miss that object for a very long time. :sad: It’d be cool if you guys (or gals) can figure it out! Oh yeah, I will try to figure out too!