Dream Translater

Don’t know if this should be posted here or in the dream diary forum


EDIT: rofl I see it belongs in “Stuff that dreams are made of”
I didn’t even think of that. :tongue:

EDIT AGAIN: I noticed that if you repeat a word over and over again, it gives the meaning to that same word over and over and over again :bored: :eh:

I used a fragment just to try it out…

Your Dream: I have twin toddlers on my knee and a slightly older child. I am leaving and I am going to leave one of the twins behind.

Words like twin: Mirror image. Duality. Problems with identity.

Words like knee: Flexibility. Humility. To dream of knees denotes sickness and humiliation. It also means dissatisfaction and complaints of those in the home, and separation of lovers.

Words like child: Innocence. The new self seeking to develop. Part of self nature is childlike.

Words like leave: Changes approaching. Cold feelings.

Words like twins: Mirror image. Duality. Problems with identity.

seems like a quicker alternative to using dream dictionaries :wink: