Dream vision and simultaneous dreams

I was wondering what types of things people do or have done to their view in LD’s.
Have you or do you think it is possible to:
-Have a greater viewing angle. Up to 360 degrees
-Change the colours you see, like only allow red light, or change your view to black and white
-Have two different views in your mind of the same dream (like from different angles, you see the same thing at the same time)
-have two different views of different objects in the same dream
-have two or more different dreams going at the same time, or split one dream into different streams that happen at the same time, sort of like the movie (i think it was called sliding doors) except have the views at the same time.
What method do you think would be the best to see these two streams at the same time? I think having them like 2 separate tv screens would be ok, but maybe another way could work. If you’ve ever put one hand close to one eye, to partially block the view from that eye, you can see 2 images when you look at your hand. 1 image is the hand, and the other is whatever your other eye sees. Do you think it is possible to have a dream where this effect of overlaying the images will be easy to do with practise, or will it always be very difficult.

I would like to experiment, but i need to have more LD’s. I think if we could set ourselves to have 2 dreams at once, then we could have twice the LD fun!

-Have a greater viewing angle. Up to 360 degrees : it’s possible. Never tried tough.
-have two different views of different objects in the same dream : I’ve had that. A dream and another view in the corner with a little clock.
-have two or more different dreams going at the same time: it happens in ND’s, but I’ve never experienced it in LD’s. It’s rather strange, it’s like the 2 or 3 dreams were superimposed (not images, but stories). Difficult to explain…

Can you try to explain this…I am interested in it.
Were the two dreams happening in different places?
Was the dream switching from one storyline to another?

Ouch! It will be difficult… I had a dream in which I was in my bed, in a street and in a castle in the same time. In this dream, the same event occured in the different places. But it’s also possible that the same event has different meanings in the different dreams.
For instance, say that you dream you’re in you bed and feel that your leg is itching. In a simultaneous dream, you can dream that you’re with your pet and he tickles you leg.
I’ve read a book in which the author (Christian Bouchet) told about the possibility of having simultaneous dreams (I’ve search it but I can’t find it any more :sad: ). He considered that it was a sort of splitting up of the consciousness.

i believe the experience i had fits here, so im posting it.
i was sleeping but not “entirely” aware of it, it had a “interdimensional dream aura of gas” or something between both (i catched this on a glimpse)

anyways, Dream “A” i was on the beach with my daughter and her mom, walking. (long dream)
Dream “B” i was with somebody that is no longer here on a bed, lights where poor, colored purple/blue and the rest was darkness.
Each dream was the same length of “time” and i was “being” both. not one a time on a simultaneous dreaming… i didnt felt anything related to the dream “b” being on the dream “a” and neither on “a” of “b”.
i was a “different” version of myself on each dream, i had a past and a future on each, different. The weirdest part was this, trying to make sense of those 2 life histories (past, present and future) at the same while i was coming back to “awareness”
Edit: i have lucid dreams now! :content:
Edit2: Trying to astral proyect atm. :peek:

tho, anyone knows how to have this dreams at will? i would appreciate it a LOT. :shy:
have a nice year strangers.-

In dreams I have a 360 degree sense of objects around me and nearby relevant locations, its kind of blurry but I can see In all directions except up and down in most dreams.

Simultaneous dreaming is very possible and enables so much more, I will explain how I learned to do it. It does require a lot of control and recall. It took me a week of LD to develop this method.

I would be faced with a decision that would have two very different effects on the dream. I got annoyed I had to choose on and miss out on the other unique storyline.

One time I changed my mind and tried to backtrack the dream, but that made the dream too unstable and I woke. The next time I decided to ‘jump’ back to the decision moment and advance forward with the other option. Dream A quickly was quickly being forgotten but I still wanted to explore its story, so I jumped back.

I go better and better at jumping back and forth between two similar dreams with different stories. Soon I could jump between more than two dreams with very different plots. However they would still only occur one at a time, the others still in limbo.

This wasn’t good enough for me, I got impatient and began jumping rapidly back and forth between two dreams. I can best describe the effect like the two dreams were on opposite sides of my mind, and they began to physically draw closer together towards the center of my head. The time between jumps became faster and faster with less time occurring in each dream. As the dreams converged at the center I realized I was no longer jumping between them but rather experiencing them both at once.

I kept working at this and can now dream 3 dreams at once and hold 7 more in limbo to swap in for active dreaming, however there is a trade off as more simultaneous dreams and dreams in limbo the less quality could be maintained and less stability. Ending one of the dreams is as simple as relaxing it into limbo and allowing your mind to forget it.

I use this skill to experience a multiverse of a single dream. Or in one dream I study or develop dream skills while in the other I have fun.

Being able to think about and control multiple dreams makes visiting past dreams really easy, allowing dream worlds, if you haven’t figured out a method for that yet.

When having two dreams something disrupting in dream A that would normally cause you to wake now only suddenly ends dream A leaving you in the unaffected dream B. Dream A can easily and quickly be recalled a few moments before the disruption for an alternative choice or repeat of the disruption if your learning better control. Overall simultaneous dreaming creates a very stable dream environment

dream time is limited, simultaneous dreaming is very efficient with that time.