Dream vs. Time

First of all the Astral plane(5th plane) which supposedly dreams are projected(that’s why shared dreaming is true) is a higher plane than the 4 other planes which are the composers of the 3d world. Then if the astral plane is above the time plane which is the fourth dimension then that means in the astral the time laws don’t work or don’t work like in this dimension. Just think when you have a very long dream and when you wake up there’s only a minute of difference between when you became asleep and when you woke up; so the time is different there.

Has the 5th dimension time? or how does the time work?

Time isn’t really the fourth dimension… we just say it is for simplicity.

1 dimension - forward backwards (line - well, I’m aware that a line has to width as well, but lets pretend it doesn’t to make life simpler)

2 dimensions - forwards backwards, left right (join two lines together, end to end to get a sqaure)

3 dimensions - forwards backwards, left right, up down (join to squares together, point to point to get a cube)

4 dimensions - forwards backwards, left right, up down, summit else summit else (join two cubes together, point to point, to get a hypercube).

If you were to look at a hypercube, it’d look just like a normal cube to us (we can only preceed the first three dimensions) and would act just like one too.

Here’s a sight on hypercubes (with a nifty diagram of a hypercube): geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/7997/

Also, LaBerge did a test of real time and dream time… and found that they are both exactly the same.

Anyways, I personally don’t believe in all this astral planes stuff, so it makes no difference to me either way.

Thanks Sureal for your personal opinion about it;

I know about the LaBerge testing and stuff but why We have these dreams that may appear long and when we wake up the time since becoming asleep and wake up is very short?.

There’s something i don’t remember which has to do with this which this character says in “Waking Life” (the part when the guy is in bed with the girl)… Look i gonna put the DVD later on to chek what he said ok?..

Ok this is the “Waking Life”'s Boy and Girl in bed scene(Death and reality)

Boy: -And a second of dream consciousness, right,
-well, that’s infinitely longer than a waking second.
-You know what i’m saying?

Girl: - Oh, yeah, definitely.

  • For example, i wake up and it’s 10:12,
    -And then i go back to sleep and i have those long, intricate,
    -beautiful dreams that seem to last for hours,
    -and then i wake up and it’s 10:13.

Boy:- Exactly. So then 6-12 minutes of brain activity,i mean
that could be your whole life…

I think the “Waking Life” quotes did shock Sureal :eh:

Not really.

Just because that’s what Waking Life says, doesn’t make it true. Personally, I’m going to go with the scientists with their ph.D’s and indepth experiment rather than a guy who writes anime… :wink:

Hi cranberrydude,

Your idea is interesting, but I dont think it has any base in reality. First of all your assumption that in the astral (if that exists as a dimension anyway) there is no time like we know, is based on mere speculation. Second the idea that dreams are projectios onto the astral is also claim (from the guru’s like Bruce and the likes) that is highly controversial and which has a lot of evidence against it showing it to be wishfull thinking. I’m not a mere materialist but I do agree with Sureal that time in dreams is exactly the same as in real life, and that subjective distortions and interpretations, false memories, and movie like dream experiences can explain for the full 100% all the cases in which dream time seems to abberate from waking life time.

I respect both personal ideas, im just putting my brain on the table.

To me, dream time seems exactly the same as time in real life. Sometimes I’ll have this notion of a lot of time passing in the dream (say, a week), but at the same time I’m aware that it’s only a few seconds in reality, really.

The difference is that I have all these complicated memories heaped on at once, so it really does seem like I’ve been dreaming for ages! But I can always tell the difference between memories and where the real dream kicks in. :smile:

Again, probably memories of stuff happening in the dream rather than actual ‘dream time’. It’s like everything’s been fast-forwarded from one bit to another particular moment, and everything in between is just there for you to remember rather than experience. At least, that’s how I see it personally.

Yup, those are called ‘false memories’ :content:.

And the fast forwarding is the same sort of technique that a movie uses - skip the boring parts and go strait to the interessting one.

Individually, these two things don’t do much, but when put together, then can give the impression that a dream lasts a lot longer than it really did.