Dream with myself or dream with collective unconscious ?


I’m new on this forum. I do lots of lucid dreams since I’m 5. I make fun asking philosophical questions to my dream characters like “Why do we dream ?” or “Are you me or a part of me ?” or “Are you collective unconscious ?” etc.

There is a problem with the definition of “myself” in dreams. When I’m lucid in one of my dreams, what I call “me” is fully in the character I’m in ; I do have some influence on the other characters, but I can’t control them. This “split” feels like in the real world, between me and other, real people.

So I have a few logical observations:

  • if my dream characters are a part of me then real people may also be a part of me
  • if my dream characters are not a part of me, then who are they ? (Collective unconscious? Real people somehow connected to me?)

If you have wondered about these questions too, have you ever had evidences that dream characters really are a part of the dreamer? Otherwise, have you had evidences that they are someone you know, or collective unconscious?

I’m actually not looking for opinions, belief or feeling about the answers to these questions but for actual testimonials of personal experiences or scientific/philosophical studies.

Thanks a lot,

Have you read Testing the “realness” of Dream Characters part 1 and 2?