Dream Worlds

What are your Dreamworlds? Do you have a place you can go back and visit in your dreams that’s different than the real world? I seem to have one that I go to quite often, it’s a place that’s always twilight and is mostly consisting of vast green fields, a tree here and there, and random large houses that aren’t generally inhabited.

I also have one that i’ve been dreaming about as long as I can remember, a mansion that constantly changes in shape and size, many of the rooms and floors change constantly but I always know that it’s “mine”. Whereas sometimes I dream of other large buildings of similar makeup that I know aren’t mine. I’m pretty sure that this mansion is located in a world alot like the first one I described, but the problem is, when I’m inside it, oftentimes I’m stuck inside, and have trouble finding an exit. The furthest I’ve gotten outside the mansion would be the front yard inbetween it and the guest house. Didn’t pay much attention to what was around me. But it seems to always be night time.

I also have re-occuring characters, ones that were not in existance previous to me dreaming about them. Most of these are human but a few are creatures which I refer to as monsters, though they aren’t monsters in a traditional sense. They are just big furry beasts that don’t really exist in mythology that I know of. I actually draw a lot from my dreams and have a graphic novel of sorts planned from a few of my “dreamscapes”.

Anywho I apologize if it’s been posted before I didn’t really see anything glancing around :content:

i have one dreamworld that i like to call DS, because it is the most frequent of dreamworlds i find myself in. it always starts as a black void, then a rainbow of colors come from benieth me, twirling round me. these colors with soon enough take form and make a dreamscape. this place is like the root of all my dreamscapes. that is why i call it DS, DreamSource.

In the last two years, I had many dreams about one and the same places. They were somehow connected with the town I live in, but different, and the difference was often the same. For example, the railway station is bigger, the market is situated nearer to the center than it is, and the bridge is lower. In the village of Parkany there is a factory and an abandoned railway station (another one). The bus stop is inside the arch, though it is outside in real life. I also dream about one and the same shops, which don’t exist. But the weirdest place was to the south, I often dreamed they I was going along the river in that direction and saw a big dam covered with ivy, and there was a school not far from that place…
I saw this dam so many times, that I already began to believe it existed somewhere in a parallel universe… Until I went south along the river (I had not been there for ages) and saw there a dam. Certainly, it was not so big and no ivy grew there :smile: , but now I am sure it is the same place… It just seemed more weird to me when I was little. And near this place, there was an office building, which looked like a school. Since that, I don’t believe I could one day see another plane or an alternative world… :sad: Though I still want to come to these places in a LD and try to understand where all of them come from.

I’m not sure if I have a recurring dreamscape… However, except for my home, I sometimes find myself back on top of a HUGE cliff. Two nights ago I was prelucid when I found myself standing at this cliff. It was at least a few miles deep, very impressive to see. So I let myself fall down below. Just awesome :smile:
One of the most peculiar recurring DCs are stone throwing giants. During the first dream where they appeared, I was riding horse along a long shore until I saw a row of gigantic statues of cyclops or something like that. At the end of that row, a living cyclop was standing. He picked up a big rock and threw it at me. That was the beginning. Only once I became lucid and threw back some big rocks. The fight was really intense, but there was also some sort of respect towards each other… I was never hit during those dreams. I’m still searching for their meaning…

Hey Zizzerzazzer,

I have one dreamworld called “Terra Nova”, an Island in a tropic and sweet evoirment with many beaches and places to rest and sleep. And the best thing, there lives only one person: ME!!
It has my house, a “port” a boat and nice nature paths.

I sometimes come there in Lucid dreams, but most of the time I go there when I attempt a WILD or just try to get to sleep