Dreamed of Someone's Death?

Hope this is in the right topic…

Well I have seen some posts about dying withing your own dreams, but this is something else.

Well, I dreamed of an x boyfriend and he had large holes in his ribs. I could see his rib cage, it was blackening and withering away. also flesh was hanging from his fingers and I could see his finger bones. also, he has these gruesome sores all over his body and parts of his flesh were rotting and pussing, oozing green and sickly yellow.

He was acting weird, like ghost like, like he didn’t realize his condition. But he blurted out “I will die soon” but with a smile on his face!
I wanted to tell him, I think you are already dead!" but I kept quiet about that.

IN the dream he got on the computer and said he was going to post in the “Goodbye” topic at ld4all…

Then he asked me if I would like to wear his shoes home. I started to put his shoes on but then realized I shouldn’t because it would be a reason for me to have to come back to see him to return them, and I didn’t want a connection with him so I said, “I’d better not”

So my question, is: Has anybody ever dreamed of someone’s death. like to later find out if it’s true?

I don’t have this guy’s contact info anymore…but I guess I could call his old work, see if he still works there…yeah, I’m sure I could find out if I try. Like he doesn’t even have email, but I do know at least his brother has a facebook account, so I could find his brother on facebook, but what would I say, “Hi, remember me? so is your brother dead?” :eh:

Would be very weird if it actually happend, I have spoken to a few people that have had a dream and it comes true within a few days or years. But maybe it would just be a coincedence or some crazy way of seeing into the future.

I normally only kill people I have never met in my dreams, But 1 dream i remember, i killed about 4000 of my school friends, and all of them are alive lol. :content:

You could have somebody else call his work and ask for him – pretending to be a vendor or salesperson or something like that. Might be able to check public records too to see if he’s really gone. :look:

I had one once where I was helping a guy adjust to being dead… I realized I was dreaming, then got sucked through this black hole thing… I didn’t lose lucidity, but my thoughts were much different than in waking life – like I was super-wise all of a sudden. Woke up to find my cousin had died. :rip:

Dunlar, wow, that’s the kind of experience I wanted to know about.
I’m working up the nerve to ask a friend to call his work, to see if he still works there. If he’s not dead, I think he will still work there. But if he is dead I wonder if who ever answers the phone would actually say so.
Well so far I spied on his brothers facebook account. (I am not friends with him, but I am able to see his latest facebook statuses just by typing in his name. And I would think that if his brother died, he mights say something like RIP or something, but so far it is just usual silly stuff.

I have had dreams about people i care about dying. They were very vivid and when i awoke from them i was unusually upset. I dreamed of my father dying in an explosion from one of his deisel trucks and i have dreamed of my ex being swept away in a raging river. They are still both alive. I think there is another meaning for these dreams, but im unsure of what. I dont believe that they were warnings of their upcoming deaths, rather a deeper meaning that i will hopefully find one day in lucidity :smile:

Several months ago I dreamed of someone I know was murdered, I was Quite sad and feared this was real, but a few months later I met this person again and was relieved he wasnt dead :cool:

GHOSTIE11 and NatureDane, isn’t it great that they are still alive? :content:

I have had dreams like that: seeing someone I cared about dying.

This dream I had that started the topic was different. Like he was already dead. A zombie/ghost he was. And I don’t realy care about him. I mean of course I wish well being to all people, but I don’t have that close feeling towards him at all.

So far, it seems that he is alive, and I have a feeling that this dream is a result of him perhaps feeling very depressed and when you are depressed you swell on the past, so he may have went through a few hours of thinking about me while depressed and wanting to die, and I may have just picked up on it, but really, I’m not going to put any further investigation into this. It is a waste of time.

People die everyday. Hundreds of people are dying as I type this. NO. I don not want my dreams bombarded by the feelings of the constant dying people.

But still, I guess it is interesting to know when someone you knew has died.