Dreamed up phone number leads man to bride

Don’t know if this is the right place for this.

ca.news.yahoo.com/s/reuters/0704 … in_text_dc

Pretty cool stuff.

:eek: Wow. Maybe there is more to dreams than we thought.

or maybe in a drunken haze he accidentally changed a few digits from his number…

or maybe both!

So in a drunken haze you start fumbling around with numbers

You do this for about an hour until you pass out

Incubate a dream where you are working with numbers and come up with this one.

And there you have it.

still an amazingly awesome win

It’s amazing what ND’s can do. :smile:

EDIT: woot 50th post!

Haha, wow, that’s so cool!

For a moment I thought I’d finally found a loophole to determinism (I just can’t stop thinking about it), and dreaming of a random number and meeting your wife that way certainly seems like something changed his predetermined life… but then again, there must be a reason to why he dreamed those numbers and not other numbers. There’s always a reason… /me can’t stop trying to find a situation where determinism doesn’t apply.

But yeah, really cool stuff. He’s a lucky guy (and she’s a lucky girl). :content:

Aww, thats a great story. Those type of stories really make your day huh?

This is awesome!! I reckon his subconscious just threw up a random number… I had a dream once where I had the number 0.7 going through my mind. What could 0.7 mean/be?

But still… AWESOME!

That’s so great, I now have a reason to drink! =D jk of course…or am I, IDK…