Dreamer in such a short time

[size=18]I just had a dream… i went to sleep at 2:00 this afternoon and woke up at 3:45. I was at my house and i realized it was a dream. I cahnged the scenery to a gym floor and then i was sliding people and their beds across the floor. the the room became and Ice cave but much bigger. and slide people around some more… people were jumping around so i thought of flying. i leaped into the air and fell. then I leaped into the air again and flew extremely fast like…100 mph to the top edge.
I saw a sign that was posted on the top of slides. It said, "If you come in the game will get harder. Then i created this ball of aura type stuff it was almost white, clear and blue. I threw it and it was headed toward the wall and made this explosion that made a huge gash in the wall. Then i heard this thing yelling and screaming like it was made. then i heard someone in the “real world” come in and turn off my tv and games and telling me it was the 3rd player. I woke up{in my dream} only to realize that it was all fake and then i woke up from that dream into the real reality.