DreamEZ Software.. anyone ever tried this?

Hey, i was searching for some dream-related software and came accross this.

Anyone ever purchased this before? Looks good, but im not sure, i can’t find screenshots of it anywhere or anything.

The prices are weird, such as like at amazon and everywhere else, it is $55

amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/de … PDKIKX0DER

but at this site, it is only $17.95


So anyone ever heard of this before?

thats wierd, I dont really understand what it does.
can any one explain it??

It sounds to me like a mixture of an e-book and a journalling program. Looking at the minimum specifications (peanuts) they’re just selling some text and a simple database, as I said. It seems to be based on Jungian philosophy.

This is unlikely to be very complicated at all. Perhaps they have a list of nouns, verbs and names and they’ve written down their own dreams. Anything which appears in your dreams a lot (as you’ve written them down) and more than in their corpus (text) will have questions asked about it. Or something similarly simple.

It’s far cheaper in the UK.

Their website is really, really bad. Just looking at that page: why is the Home link broken? Why is there a “logoff” link when I’m not logged in? What’s this login for, anyway? Why do I have to login to read about their product? Can I register?