Dreamfall: The Longest Journey (no spoilers please!)

Well, the game’s already out. Anyone pick up a copy of that game? I wish I could play it, but I’m stuck with a Geforce2 MX 400 (for those who don’t know, it’s a low end video card). And because of that, I won’t be able to play it for a while. I could get something like a Radeon X1800 XT, but you should know how much those high end video cards cost.

I’ve already completed the first game. Even for a game that is about seven years old, I really enjoyed playing it. It’s one of those games when you really cared about the characters.

From what I heard, the game will have something to do with dreams. That’s why I felt like posting it in here.

No one played The Longest Journey at all?

Hmm, I’ve never heard of it, I’m afraid. I’m not really into computer games that much.

I know this is a couple weeks old now, but I rarely come into the lounge :grin:
I loved The Longest Journey!! I’ve played it through several times, and have tried visiting scenarious from the game within my lucid dreams - no success so far.
Can’t wait to buy/play Dreamfall myself!

So it has arrived.

From my first exciting and spellbound foray into the wonderful world of ‘The Longest Journey’ I have waited two years for the sequal, and just last week was pleasantly surprised to find that it had finally made it’s way to my local computer store shelves.
Exasperated that it only cost $50 Aud - app $34 USD -, I gladly purchased the much anticipated ‘Dreamfall’.

That was thursday.
For three days I lived, breathed, slept and - of course - dreamt, only of Dreamfall. By Sunday evening I had reached the climactic ending, and was left with my heart broken and thoughts reeling.
This was fantastic. So many details, so intricate, so many things I must have missed along the way. I had to play again, immediately - well, maybe after having a few hours sleep first :wink:

Come monday - yesterday - (Day off), and I started from the beginning. Yep. All over again - but this time, I am determined to pay extra attention to all of those little clues along the way.

I’m convinced, opposed to those who have ditched Dreamfall as being inconclusive and having too many ‘loose ends’, that all of the answers (well, most of them) are hidden within the dialogue and game play.
So many things tie together, so many hints. I feel the answers at the tip of my fingers, but more often than not when I reach for them - they vanish.
It’s a slow process, but i have begun to piece many hints, clues, and events together in a puzzle like fashion.

This is a game I feel i could play over, and over, and over. And the best thing? It’s actually about dreaming, lucid dreaming. Though not a challenging game - if you could really even call it a game, it possibly campares more as a movie - I was completely taken in by the plot, characters, suspense, atmosphere.

Have you played or finished Dreamfall?
Have you picked up on the ‘loose ends’, and how they may tie into visual or dialogue entrenched hints?

I could not help but notice recurring themes. Faith, Passion, Commitment. But especially Faith - and I’m not just talking about the girl. It all comes down to Faith in this game, much as you would expect with lucid dreaming - faith and belief.

Try to convince me that Ragnar Tornquist, creator of The Longest Journey and Dreamfall, is not an avid lucid dreamer!

I played TLJ and loved it and I have bougth Dreamfall.
I recomends bouth of them (especialey the Longest Jurney).

hey, i’ve heard of that game before, its the one with the girl in the pink right? and the cooool guy with the hood and knife in the snow in the background on the cover right? i almost got that game, but i didnt, i didnt know at all what it was all about.

I have the game, but I got tired of it after I played halfway through, or something like that, so I haven’t finished it :tongue:
But I like it, I’m just too lazy to play it :tongue:

Recently, they released the demo of Dreamfall. Sadly, I still don’t have the latest computer components. Can you say “Geforce 2”?

G…G… nope, sorry, just can’t bring myself to say it. :tongue:

Drum roll please …

Dreamfall Chapters is in production! (grammar? hmmm…) Check it out here. If you’re too lazy, just take a quick gander at the Wikipedia synopsis.
Excited? Anybody? I know I am! :boogie:
Thoughts on the chapter/episodic delivery format of the next in the TLJ series? I’m reservedly excited. It has great potential when delivered in chapters, both good potential, and bad. :unsure:
I have confidence in Ragnar Tornquist however, and I’m certain he won’t let us down. He hasn’t so far :content:

*Snape runs off to replay Dreamfall, yet again :user:

This is old news, but regardless it is exciting. But I heard that we’ll need to subscribe in order to get the games from Funcom.

Yah it is a little old, that’s why the article is dated March 01. :roll:
Old or new, it’s good to know that this is in production. Maybe some of those loose ends from Dreamfall will finally be tied up :mrgreen:

Prob too soon to say whether or not we will need to subscribe:

As I’m a Dreamfall enthusiast, I expect I won’t be waiting for the possible ‘combined chapters’ though - the wait would probably kill me! :cheesy:

I played the first one and enjoyed it because of the different atmospheres between the two worlds. The separated science and magic part was very well thought and the first dream scene extremely good.

What I disliked was how people swore all the time, heh. The ending wasn’t as good as the rest of the game and fell a little flat.

I don’t know if I’ll get Dreamfall. I read in reviews that the gameplay isn’t that good, especially with the infiltration and fight parts.

It’s true, you don’t buy Dreamfall for the gameplay. The strengths of Dreamfall, in my opinion, are in the character development, storyline, and dialogue. It’s more like an interactive movie than an adventure game - but it sure is a great adventure! :yes: (and certainly inspiring to us lucid dreaming fanatics).
I actually loved Dreamfall because I was able to finish it in such a short time, and the puzzles were all reasonably easy - none of them left me banging my head against the wall :wallhit:
That being said, buy it! If not for me, for your country! :nuu:

okay, I REALLY want this game, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to find the longest journey. How important is the first game?

you know they have this game for x-box. I played it and it was really fun. Its reely fun for a puzzle game.(I usually dont play those).

By the way you dont have to play the original to understand it. It revisits all of the important stuff already in the story line.

okay, I’ll probably get it for computer than

here is some information 'bout this game…

Months later and I’m still awaiting some scrap or news article about the upcoming Dreamfall: Chapters.
/Snape sits and waits patiently :whistle: