DreamFeeling Technique

Hi, I’ve seen a method called the dreamfeeling technique. I’ve observed the difference between dreaming reality and waking reality. The problem is doing the comparison in the dream. So what I do is to compare it during waking time and before falling asleep hopefully to bring the thought over into the dream. Anyone had success with this technique? Thanks.

The way I started dreaming lucidly was around age 5, when i discovered in drems you cannot be hurt. Later on, I became aware I could realize this in a dream, thus allowing me to discover that I was indeed in a dream. From that point a year or two later, I learned to control my dreams, an so goes the rest. So initially, I have used the described technique but in a different context.

Not when I was aware or trying to but you just helped me find out why I have LDs unintentionally other then the Meditating technique. I do compare my dreams and point out how real world really is, proving that my dreams are not real and dont make sence incase anyone decides to pick up my journal and read it. Sometimes I just outta no where can feel that Iam in a dream like you are saying and automatically say “I’m dreaming or wait a minute, this is a dream.” It doesn’t last long though becuase I didn’t set an intention to try. But it can happen. I didnt know that was a certain technique. Your question was more like an answer to me so I guess u can say it can happen.

Thanks for replying, I have been doing this technique for a few nights now but because of my flu, haven’t been able to fully access it. But I can see something promising from what U people say, after all the feeling is the only thing constant in all of my dreams.


Thats funny, cause right today I thought of this exact technique, and now I go online and see it written here! :smile:
I will give it a try! :smile:

I think Ive tried this before, if its what I think it is. I had a dream where I became lucid, and I remmber saying this is what a dream feels like, I picked up my dog, and began to pet her while concentrating on the feeling, and my surroundings. Is that the dreamfeel technipue?

Hope it works for U.

From what I’ve read about this technique, it says if you’ve been lucid before, use the lucid feeling. But I think it would be easier to identify with a normal dream feeling since U need to identify the normal dream feeling first to become lucid.

Isn’t this the base of the cliche “Somebody Pinch Me!”

This is interesting. Finally, i see somebody describe the very way i’ve become lucid every time. I’ve had 4 LDs in total and on every occasion it’s just occured without any apparent reason … something just triggered me to challenge the situation and as soon as i did that, i became aware that i was dreaming.

I’ve tried all the formal techniques as described in great detail here and they haven’t worked for me yet. The problem i have is that try to LD in fits and starts, i don’t keep a DJ … in short, i’m not dedicated enough to keep it up regularly.

So, yes i have had success with this technique but not intentionally. And i think that’s the problem with using it as a technique. My belief is that it would be hard to take that ‘intention’ into a dream with you.

I’m sure others here would have plenty to add to this.

Gavster :cool:

My usual entry to Lucidity is… purely random. It’s like DILD without Reality Checks. I just suddenly realise its a dream, and I’m in…