do they exist? i read a book by robert moss i believe, on them.
and have you ever come across a gate you couldnt pass/go through?

yes, I have. A portal it was. Richie (aka Timeless) travels through portals a lot in his lucid dreams. I have seen them on occasions, and only one time I dared to go through, I was assisted by two people who held me while we went through. It was marvellous, I ended up in the universe :smile: (maybe some day this dream will be in my DJ :wink: )

edit: oops I misread, you want to know about gates you couldn’t go through…
well, what would those gates look like? I can recall a dream now where someone told me I wasn’t allowed through a certain door and I complied. Is that what you mean?

yes exactly!!!

the only gates I have come across in my dreams are more like fences, or chain link-gates with a locked door… they usually split and block off areas of my dreams… I usually look for a gate-keeper and see if they will open the gate, and if i cannot i will usually phase through it…

but if I were ever advised not to pass through a gate i would listen…

We have a topic on this already somewhere, I remember posting in it a few years ago. Checkout the archives when you have some free time, I’m sure it is in there somewhere. :smile:

have tried to make portals and they usually don’t work right

have not really found portals, but have found transportation to new dreams

one of my first full length LDs I was wandering in an alley around these trash - cans and was transported to a mystical fractal rainbow wonder-land of so much effervescent beauty that i fell to the ground weeping thanking God!

now, I lost my keys apparently, how do I get back? How do you do that? Where was it? Hmmm. 'Twas many years ago. Between 13-16… probably 13.

usually if i am very very lucid for quite a while I will encounter walls that I cannot pass through which then turn to 3-dimensional blackness which i can touch and push and fumble around in, which eventually take me to new dreams, or to waking up, depending on depth of lucidity and will-power.

From the 3d-void I can create new dreams, sometimes I get there by going through a wall, and one time saw DCs LITERALLY walking through a wall and followed them, and they told me “to dream travel just go through a wall and think of who you want to meet.”

and had 3 random women who looked like witches come and take me to a lucid dream society one which was real cool but they put me in jail for fighting even though i was defending myself!

these could be “portals” ?