Dreaming about being lucid

When i started practicing lucid dreaming, my first attempts were very sucessful. But now I can barely become lucid now. I thought that you become better at it the more you become lucid, but now i havnt had any lucid dreams for a while…
The closest ive gotten to becoming lucid was a time i dreamt that i was lucid, but it felt like a ND and i didnt control any of the things that i did in it.

It’s kinda upsetting but i don’t know what to do :sad:

Are you still working your dream journal and doing your reality checks? I ask this, because i had this problem hehe. I stopped doing RCs after my 3rd LD and i stopped my DJ after my 4th one(I didn’t have any other LD after that). Even my dream recall whent down from 2-3 to 0-1 per night. Hopefully this can help you :razz:

Much love


Keep writing in your dream journal is usually the key indeed