Dreaming ~about~ lucidity

I seem to have this odd problem… and it’s frustrating me to death.

I’m a bit of a beginner, but I have/remember normal dreams a lot…compared to most beginners I guess… I generally wake up remembering 1-3 dreams… but whenever I try any method of becoming lucid, I stop dreaming/remembering altogether. Common enough, I have a lot to learn, but this is what bothers me:

When I do dream, I actually have dreams about lucid dreams. I dream that I realize I’m dreaming… I guess much like people dream that they have woken up… upon actually waking up I ~know~ that my dream wasn’t actually lucid because the things I do upon achieving dream-lucidity are not the things I would do at all. In fact, most of the things I end up doing are horrible, disturbing things that I would never care to do…

I wish I could actually become lucid instead of dreaming of becoming lucid… but I really have no idea what to do. It’s like I’m stuck in a dream-trap.

Anyone have thoughts about what causes this or advice on how to stop it? Should I even worry about it at all?

Apologies if this is posted in the wrong section, I tried to match it the best I could.

~ Maneda

Well, lets say ur on ur way to real LD’s. These are just ULD => dream in which you think you have become lucid, but actually are not., which can be quite common for experienced LD’ers too.

Hmm I dont think those are ULD from the description you gave. You say you actually dream that you realise that you are dreaming. This means that you were at that moment already lucid! But, you dont act as though you would want when lucid. This is because there’s different levels of lucidity, from low to high. Your’s still seems to be pretty low. This mostly results in a brief moment of knowing that you dream, followed by going with the flow of the dream and not really taking control, which is again often followed by a ND. So what to do? Next time you should try to increase your level of lucidity. Keep remembering that you are actually dreaming once you realise it! Also, remembering some stuff from IRL also helps, what did you do last day, what are your plans for tomorrow. And when you do continue with the LD, dont forget to keep remebering “Im actually dreaming” etc etc. Hope this might be of some help, good luck!

Wow…that’s interesting.
Thanks… I’ll try to keep it in mind.
So maybe I realize I’m dreaming, but then forget… so it’s like “Hey! I’m dreaming! I’m going to do cool stuff now!” And then forget I’m dreaming and proceed to do a lot of wild things…just nothing that I would actually want to do… does that sound right?

In that case, when I realize I’m dreaming I should focus more on remembering that I’m dreaming than instantly running off to do stuff?

Thanks much :smile:

~ Maneda

Sorry if somebody already said this, because I didn’t bother reading the replies.

About dreaming about getting lucid, that happened to me a lot when I first began (a coulple of years ago). My advice: practice. You’ll get over it eventually. If that doesn’t work, well, all I can say is switch techniques, because I’ve forggoten how I got over. To tell you the truth, I don’t know what I did :eek: Sorry :neutral:

I don’t want to be nosy, but what sort of “disturbing things?” Again, I don’t want to be nosy, but you caught my attention there.

Iam like you Maneda about half of my dreams are like that (I dream that I realize I’m dreaming.) sounds confusing but i know exactly how you feel

Nemesis, how long should I keep trying the same technique before deciding that it’s just not working for me?

As far as the disturbing things, mostly I end up doing cruel things to my friends/animals/little kids. I hate it, especially when I hurt little kids in my dreams… I wake up feeling really guilty… :sad:

Maneda, what technique are you using at the moment? I think you should try if WILD works for you.
You could also plan to use some techniques to enhance lucidity the next time you get lucid and think about that before going to sleep if you haven’t alredy done that.

Do those disturbing things happen in your NDs too or just in these false LDs?

At the moment I am trying MILD and WBTB. Though I’ve just started trying these… up until a few days ago the only thing I knew about becoming lucid was doing Reality Checks…
WILD I might try… thanks.

The disturbing things mostly only happen in the false LDs, though my NDs do seem to have a running theme of bad things happening to me or my friends… it’s like dream karma or something… O.o

Thanks much.

I think Xetrov is right when he told you your dreams were very low lucidity LD’s. You should planify an action to do immediatly in your LD’s, and the best would be something which could increase your lucidity level. For instance, shouting “More lucidity !”
It happens very often in my LD’s that the lucidity level decrease more and more with time, and the technique I’ve found to be working well is staring at my hands from time to time.

Thanks much… I’ll keep that in mind.
Geez, all this stuff is interesting… I’m worried I’m not going to be able to learn and remember it all. o.o I suppose with time this will all come, as of right now it’s like a flood of information to sort through…

Can’t really say, it depends on the person, but heres what I would do:
Once you start having false LD’s, keep doing the technique for 2-3 more months, and if you still don’t get results, stop doing any techs for like a week, and during the time that you stop trying, you might get a real LD. If that’s the case, keep doing the technique, but don’t force it (especialy if your doing MILD), just let it come to you. I had to find that out the hard way when I first started. I had false LD’s like a month and a half or so, then I quit out of frustration. I was doing MILD.

Also, don’t feel guilty, I have messed up dreams sometimes too, like a pulled out a galick, I mean gattling gun on these two innocent guys. It’s probably nothing, just something your sub-c wanted to do.

I hope that was helpful, and good luck LD’ing :happy: